Who will win the World Cup match England vs. USA? (Based on FIFA 23 predictions)

The World Cup is the biggest sporting event besides the Olympic Games, where fans from all over the world cheer on their national teams. Every game counts here, and one of the most anticipated matches is England vs. USA. Will the Three Lions pull off another victory, or will Team USA defeat them? FIFA 23 has the answer!

Who wins the World Cup match England vs. USA – FIFA 23 Predicts

To predict the winner of the England vs. USA, we will be using FIFA 23. The game is set for 5 minutes, with rosters that played the previous games. We will select the Live Form button to see the latest player statistics. In this way, everything is ready for the most realistic prediction of England vs. USA According to the FIFA 23 prediction, England will defeat the United States 2:1 in a World Cup match on November 25 in Qatar.

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Summary of the World Cup England vs. USA – FIFA 23 Screening

An exciting game is ahead, with the US opening the scoring with a truly impressive goal from Premier League player and US legend Christian Pulisic in the 15th minute to open the scoring (1:0). The English responded instantly with a massive goal from their captain Harry Kane to equalize (1:1). The match unfolds as predicted by both teams until the beginning of the second half, when Bukayo Saka puts the ball into the net with a left-footed shot (1:2). The US squad has several shot attempts, but not enough to match their opponent’s defense.

Screenshot from Pro Game Guides

Click on the video below to watch the FIFA 23 simulation of the World Cup game England vs. USA

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