Where to find all runic invocations in God of War Ragnarök

Runic invocations return with God of War Ragnarök. This time, however, it’s not just Atreus who’s having fun. After making his peace with the exiled Valkyrie Queen Freya, Kratos is able to request her aid and harness her tremendous runic summons. Here’s a rundown of each and where to find them.

God of War Ragnarök runic invocations

Wild ibex (Atreus)

  • Location: Legendary chest in The Lost Sanctuary.
  • Effect: Summons a spectral ibex to ride and charge at enemies.

Hawk Dive (Atreus)

  • Location: Looted from the body of the ogre in the In the fire search.
  • Effect: Summons spectral hawks that disrupt enemies and dive to the ground. Falcons apply the equipped Runic Arrow status.

Wolf’s Wrath (Atreus)

  • Location: Legendary chest in the Unleashing Hel search in Helheim.
  • Effect: Summons three wolves that pounce on enemies. Upgrades increase the number of wolves.

Bitter Squirrel (Atreus)

  • Location: Legendary chest in the skin unlock search in Niflheim.
  • Effect: Summons a spectral squirrel that stole a Healthstone.

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Seidr’s Exhalation (Freya)

  • Location: Completion reward the reckoning.
  • Effect: Freya exhales a cloud of poisonous gas that seeks out enemies and interrupts them.

Steel Harmony (Freya)

  • Location: Reward when Freya gets Mardoll at the end of Freya’s Lost Peace Favour.
  • Effect: Freya attacks with spectral blades that can damage targets from medium range.

Summon the Storm (Freya)

  • Location: Reward for completing the Freyr’s Gift Favour.
  • Effect: Freya charges a large AoE spell that triggers several small explosions.

Queen’s Roar (Freya)

  • Location: Defeat the Valkyrie Queen, Gna in Muspelheim.
  • Effect: Freya soars into the sky before letting out a battle cry and falling to the ground in an AoE attack.

Please note that some runic summons cannot be obtained until the end of the game or even after completing the game. God of War Ragnarök is not a sprint, it is a marathon. As such, take your time with it and enjoy it. It’s a big world with a lot to do.

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