What will the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC look like?


28 December 2022, 14:00

Now that most players have completed Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, attention turns to what’s next. Like Sword & Shield before it, Scarlet & Violet will most likely have DLC, the question is, what will it include?

Pokemon Sword & Shield First main line Pokemon The game contains DLC. Sword and Shield Two rounds of DLC, first The Isle of Armour And then Crown Tundra, great ways for developer Game Freak to reintroduce some Pokemon that didn’t make the cut for the original release. Plus, they’ve added some brand new Pokemon and new areas to explore to keep things interesting.

with Scarlet & Violet Fresh from its release, some players are already speculating on what potential DLC could be scheduled for the new game. Like a lot Sword & Shield, Scarlet & Violet Does not contain all known Pokemon. DLC is a great way to add old favorites to new games and keep fans engaged for longer.

So it’s incredibly possible Scarlet & Violet There will be DLC. Now the question is, what is that DLC?

Potential of Kalos

We asked AI what the new DLC for Pokemon looks likeMid journey

Scarlet & Violet‘s region of Paldia always has an island somewhere off the coast that serves as a new area to explore, but one region in Paldia remains a mystery. And it’s not the Great Crater. Northeast of Paldia is an inaccessible and gray area on the world map. Could this hidden area be the Kalos area?

This idea is not as crazy as it sounds. Paldia is very obviously based on Spain, with Spanish dialogue cropping up quite regularly in the game. The country northeast of Paldia is the Pokémon world equivalent of France: Kalos.

For some quick background on the Kalos region, it is introduced Pokemon X & Y. These games were somewhat revolutionary, adding exciting new mechanics like Mega Evolution and finally bringing the Pokemon world into the current three-dimensional era.

So maybe the first round of DLC Scarlet & Violet Inspirational X & YKalos region of

What this could mean

Pokemon X & Y Best known for introducing Mega Evolution, a mechanic that allows Pokemon to temporarily evolve into a stronger version of themselves. This evolution comes with significant stat boosts and often only lasts until the end of the battle with new typings or abilities.

Despite its popularity among fans, Mega Evolution did not last Sword & Shield Or Scarlet & Violet, which introduced the new mechanics of Dynamax and Terrastalization, respectively. While Terrastalization is fun, there’s no real reason why it shouldn’t go hand in hand with Mega Evolution.

So, if Scarlet & Violet Featuring Kalos-inspired or Kalos-based DLC, this could be the perfect opportunity to reintroduce Mega Evolution. All the old favorite mega evolutions will be back and maybe the developers will release some new ones. Additionally, many fans love to see how powerful their team can become with the ability to terstalize and evolve into a mega. But maybe not both at the same time? Let’s see.

Adding to the post-game

Mega Evolution aside, DLC is also a great opportunity to add content to a barren post-game. After the main story of Scarlet & Violet is done, there isn’t much to do in the world of Paldia. DLC can change that.

Battle Tower is a feature where players test their mettle against an endless array of strong trainers. It was introduced first Pokemon Crystal But there have been many iterations since then. Scarlet & Violet unfortunately lacks something like this to keep players challenging themselves even after they reach master rank. There is a master tournament, but it is repeated with a smaller group of potential opponents.

As a great example, Sword & ShieldDLC of, The Isle of Armour, introduced an often overlooked feature called restricted sparring. In this Battle-Tower-esque feature, players are challenged to limit their Pokemon team to a single type and see how many trainers they can defeat in a row. A great challenge for players who love controlled sparring combat, and with eighteen different types to try, the possibilities are endless.

The end

There is a lot of opportunity Scarlet & Violet DLC, of ​​course, of course Sword & Shield If there is anything to learn from this, players will have to wait until summer 2023 for this DLC. For now, at least, players can look forward to when. Pokemon Home Connects to Scarlet & VioletAllows transfer of new Pokemon from Pokemon Legends: ArceusThis should happen sometime in early 2023.

Ultimately, there’s no way to know for sure Scarlet & Violet DLC will appear until the Pokemon Company makes an announcement. But how successful it is Scarlet & Violet It’s a matter of if, but not when. For now, feel free to share your own thoughts or ideas in the comments.

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