What skills to improve first in Gungrave GORE?

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Gungrave GORE is an intense third person shooter that will put your skills to the test. The more fierce you are at destroying enemies, the more points you will get for more powerful skills. Early on, you get several more than one way to effectively root out the opposition. Since there’s so much to choose from, you’ll want to know which skills to upgrade first in Gungrave GORE.

Which skill to choose first in Gungrave GORE?

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There are several ways to choose skills at the start of Gungrave GORE. If you’re playing on Hard setting and having trouble staying alive, invest points into HP Upgrade Lv.1 (hit points) and more importantly, Shield Recovery Enhancement Lv.1. But if you want to expand your offensive repertoire, the best way to do it is Wrecking Point Upgrade Lv.1.

By selecting this ability, you unlock additional powerful abilities that you can activate with the demolition points. You’ll usually need one or two dots, as they can clear the entire room of enemies in seconds. Most of these special moves are connected to the Death Hauler coffin that you carry with you.

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  • rain of doom – Death Hauler, turns into a rocket launcher that fires six guided missiles. You need two demolition points to activate this move.
  • Graveyard – this special move will slow down time and movement of enemies, allowing you a significant advantage. You need two demolition points to use it.
  • infernal fire – your coffin will spew fire in all directions. You can burn enemies to ashes, but you can’t move. To perform this special move, you need two demolition points.
  • raging hell – Destroy everything around you by swinging the coffin and shooting in all directions. You need two DP to perform this special attack.

How to get demolition points in Gungrave GORE

To get demolition points in Gungrave GORE, you need to fill up the demolition gauge bar at the top right of the screen under the shield. You will see a circle to the left of the filled skull when it is loaded. The fastest way to fill up the demolition point bar is to play aggressively and kill a lot of enemies quickly. The game will not allow you to fight cautiously, so an all out war against the forces of evil is the only way to go.

How to get points for improving skills in Gungrave GORE

Gungrave GORE encourages you to deal with as much destruction as possible in the most creative way possible. In this way, you will earn more points at the end of the level, which you will use to improve your skills. If you play conservative, you’ll complete that level (maybe), but you won’t have enough points to upgrade. This can be problematic in the later stages of this long game when you need more powerful moves to stay alive.

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