What is the duration of the Gungrave GORE game?

Gungrave GORE is a fast-paced third-person shooter with little time to think about anything other than destroying enemies. But if the game is fast, does that automatically mean it’s short? There are several deciding factors, such as the size of the maps, the level design, the number of enemies, and the difficulty of the game. So what is the length of the Gungrave GORE game?

What is the length of Gungrave GORE?

Officially, Gungrave GORE duration is 12 hours. That’s how much time you need to invest in story mode under ideal circumstances. But that means you’re a highly-skilled Gungrave fan who can clear each stage without hiccups on the first try. But this game is no walk in the park, as the anti-hero Beyond The Grave will encounter a swarm of enemies on his way to the final boss.

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Realistically, you can expect at least 20 hours of gameplay if you’re playing on Hard difficulty and especially if you’re not a Gungrave veteran. Although there is no way to get lost in the game as the level design is straightforward, you still need to kill everything in sight to open up and progress to the next area. That avoids speedrun tactics where you would avoid confrontation and kill only those necessary for the development of the story.

Even if you are well prepared and everything goes according to plan, you will spend a lot of time playing Gungrave GORE. Therefore, if you are a fan, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the non-stop anime action. All you need to do is prepare your fingers to shoot down enemies and upgrade Grave’s abilities to wipe out the Raven Clan members from the face of the Earth.

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