What is the Competitive Division playlist in Destiny 2?

As of Season 19, Bungie has changed the Crucible Competitive Glory playlist in Destiny 2 to the Competitive Division. This true ladder based system is designed to give PvP players and curious PvP players a reason to have a good time in intense 3v3 gameplay. Being a new mode, there’s a lot to digest and review, so let’s jump right in!

When is the Competitive Division playlist coming to Destiny 2?

The Competitive Division is an intense 3v3 ranked playlist in Destiny 2. Consisting of seven divisions with three subdivisions each, Guardians will fight their way from the bottom tier (Copper III) to the very bottom (Ascendant I). After completing the introductory mission, the Guardians will begin a seven match placement series. This will determine the starting position of the Guardians, with the highest position being Gold III.

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Competitive Division Ranks

  • Copper (I-III)
  • Bronze (I-III)
  • Silver (I-III)
  • Prayed (I-III)
  • Platinum (I-III)
  • Adept (I-III)
  • Upward (I-III)

A Guardian’s division rating is based on four main factors: match result, division inflation/deflation, match performance, and player-to-lobby skill delta. When a guardian is ready to move up a subdivision, he will do so automatically. When it comes to moving up the division, they will enter a promotion series where they must win two out of three games to move up. Similarly, if a Guardian is about to lose a division, there is a series in which he must win two out of three matches to avoid demotion.

Competitive Division Rewards

Instead of having specific rewards tied to division ranks, Bungie opted to have a rank-based reward multiplier.

  • copper and bronze: 1x
  • Silver: 1.1x
  • Prayed: 1.2x
  • Platinum: 1.3x
  • Adept: 1.4x
  • Upward: 1.5x

Finally, Guardians will have the chance to win different spins on the legendary hand cannon, Rose. This 140/150 RPM Hybrid Hand Cannon will be specifically designed to have perks that complement Competitive Division and PvP in general. Players can win one roll per character per week. Overall, Competitive Division promises to be the much-needed next step in Destiny 2 PvP and we’re all for it.

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