What are Penances in Darktide and how to complete them – Warhammer 40k

If you spend enough time in Darktide or its Beta pre-order, you’ll eventually find the Sorrows menu and learn about the rewards you can get from completing them. Our guide will explain what Penances are and how to achieve them in Darktide.

What are Penances in Darktide – Warhammer 40k

If you’re wondering what Penances are in Darktide, it’s simple. Penances are just fancy achievements that players can complete by performing various actions in Darktide. In total, there are seven Penance variants that players can achieve. Here is the complete list of the types of Penances you can complete in Darktide:

  • Class
  • Mission
  • Offensive
  • Defensive
  • Equipment
  • Bill

The steps required for all Penances tend to fall under killing x amount of enemies or acting tricks or unique actions in the game. Other requirements are completing specific Quests or reaching a certain level of trust with a character. For class penances, you need to pull off unique tricks ranging from ramming a particular boss to knocking an enemy back a certain distance with a grenade. Successfully accomplishing one of these feats usually rewards a unique cosmetic skin or other items, such as trinkets. Completing penances is also tracked on your account, which means they will appear completed on all of your characters. Each Penance you complete also grants you Penance Points.

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What are Penance Points in Darktide? -Warhammer 40k

Penance Points are a unique record of how many Penances you complete in Darktide. Other than being a measure of player skill, it doesn’t appear that Penance points serve any purpose. That being said, each Penance you complete will add a certain number of points to your total points. You can see how many Penance points you currently have by visiting the Penance achievements menu. In the Penance achievement menu, you can keep track of your Penance points by looking at the left side of the screen shown below:

How to complete Penances in Darktide – Warhammer 40k

If you want to complete Penances in Darktide, we recommend that you visit the Penances menu and check the requirements for the relevant Penances. Most of the penalties except class variations, can be obtained by all characters on your account. To complete special class penalties, you will need to switch to the required class/character and complete the penalty as that character. Once you select a required class, such as Skullbreaker, you can achieve any Penance achievement for that class by meeting the requirements.

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