The medical examiner reveals the cause of the death of Anne Heche.

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The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-office Coroner has identified the cause and manner of Anne Heche's death.

According to its website, the office determined that the actress's death was accidental and that it was caused by "inhalation and thermal injuries."

The office claimed that Heche also had a sternal fracture from blunt trauma, but did not cite this as the reason for her demise.

Nine days after being rescued from a burning automobile, Heche passed away.

After a crash in Los Angeles, she was admitted to the hospital in critical condition right away.

Heche, 53, went into a coma as a result of the accident and experienced "serious anoxic brain injury."

Heche was eventually confirmed to be brain dead, although she stayed on life support while being assessed for organ donation.

Heche was "peacefully removed off life support," according to her representative Holly Baird, who spoke on her behalf on Sunday evening.