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29 December 2022, 14:54

If you are curious about the controls in Vampire Survivors, this article is for you. In it, we answer all your questions and provide tips.

Vampire Survivors is a game about surviving hordes of enemies. A skirmish with various opponents awaits you. As long as you survive, different enemies will stand in your way. They are also more powerful, but you are also stronger on every level. In this article, we will address the issue of controls in Vampire Survivors, as many new players are confused by this issue.

Vampire Survivors: Controls

In Vampire Survivors, controls cannot be viewed. This is not without reason. The game uses a very simple model. The only thing that depends on the player is the movement of the character. You only have power over the direction you walk. On the keyboard you do this with WSAD keys, the left stick on the controller He is responsible for this.

In addition, you can control Selection of items with menu and mouseIf you’re using a gamepad, You can use the stick or D-pad for this, You confirm with A (Xbox controller). Actually, Ann Mobiles You can control by touch.

All skills will be displayed for you automatically at intervals. You have some effect on some attacks They are hit in the direction your character is facing. The descriptions will tell you about this, so read them carefully.

Vampire Survivors: Controls tip

We played Vampire Survivors with keyboard + mouse and gamepad. In our opinion, The game is smooth with the controller. The pad gives the player a bit more control over the character. In a game that primarily revolves around moving and skillfully dodging opponents, this is especially important. So it’s worth trying to play on the pad if you have the chance.

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