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30 December 2022, 15:15

CD Projekt Red, creator of The World of Witcher Project, is testing a map that will let you play as Witcher countries on the continent known through the games and books of Andrzej Sapkowski.

The Witcher mod series for Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is complete, so to speak: players can already check out all the key countries known from books and games. However, Steam user iPlayGamesITA is by no means inactive. Creator of The World of Witcher Now testing the map of the continent from the world The Witcher.

Mod has made an early version of his project available steam And he included the “real” starting positions for each country he prepared. It retains all the familiar locations from the games and books Some Only mentioned in the works of Andrzej Sapkowski. After all, what will be civilization Without turning foreign lands into colonies?

The Witcher Map Heads to Civilization 6 - Image #1

The Witcher Continent in Civilization 6.Source: iPlayGamesITA on Steam.

iPlayGamesITA has announced that this version of the mod will disappear as soon as he completes the full version of the map. The mod still wants to change the tech tree to a Witcher setting, removing advanced tech like planes, tanks, etc.

However, the tests are also intended to see if the mod suits the player’s tastes. The map is definitely reduced, And Nilfgaard is currently very isolated from the rest of the world. For now, the modder wants to solve this problem by adding six city-states to the south of the continent (which he plans to do anyway), but it’s not a foregone conclusion.

For now, this will be the last addition The World of Witcher. However, at one point after dealing with the final city-states of iPlayGamesITA, the dev wanted to try his hand at the sixth “more advanced” modifications. civilization.

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