The game Naughty Dog prepares reminds the TV show


A film adaptation of the hit game End into us all Launching soon (January 16) on HBO Max. On this occasion, the game’s director Neil Druckmann – who is also actively involved in the creation of the TV show – gave an interview to it. The New Yorker (via Eurogamer)

Of course, the conversation is mainly about the upcoming release, but We also learned a bit about Naughty Dog’s plans for its next game. It turns out that the developer’s upcoming mystery project is designed like a TV show. This means that fans may find the company’s work a bit curious, as none of the company’s previous offerings have used a similar format. Interestingly, Druckmann says that this time he is not working on the story alone, but with a team of writers..

“He is [Neil Druckmann – ed. note] revealed that his next project will be ‘produced like a TV show’ and will be different from what Naughty Dog has created. Plus, he’s not writing the script alone or with a single partner. He assembled a team of writers,” the article reads.

Unfortunately, it’s not explained how the work in the game resembles the work in the TV show. Also, the interview with the director doesn’t come down to a specific title. However, due to recent rumors about Naughty Dog’s alleged fantasy game or development The Last of Us 3It could definitely be about one of these things.

All we can do now is be patient and wait for more accurate information.


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