The best water Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

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Generation IX was very friendly towards Water types. The guy not only got a bunch of new Pokemon, but also got several new moves with ridiculously powerful abilities. These moves can do everything from increasing speed and dealing damage at the same time to giving a huge boost to speed, special attack, and attack. While some of the defensive Water-types lost a few tools, namely Scald, the type overall gained great offensive power.

What are the best types of water to use on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

10 toxapex

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It’s hard to see this Pokemon being the defensive wall it once was. Toxapex not only lost Scald, but also allows it PP on Recover. That being said, it can still block some powerful threats, such as Fighting and Ice-types, that don’t have access to Freeze Dry.

9 Gastrodon

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This is another defensive Water-type that Scald lost (in addition to Toxic). The good news for Gastrodon is that he received access to Stealth Rocks. Grass-types are the only Pokemon that can hit Gastrodon for super effective damage. Otherwise Gastrodon has HP to survive any threat.

8 fleece

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Statistically, this Pokemon is very mediocre. However, Veluza has tremendous capabilities thanks to Filet Away. This move gives Veluza a Shell Smash boost (+2 Speed, Special Attack, and Attack) at a cost of half HP. With Sitrus Berry or another way to keep it healthy, Veluza can be one of the scariest threats in the game.

7 Dondozo

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All that can really be said about Dondozo is good luck getting the KO. At 150 base HP and 115 base Defense, he’s going to take a lot of damage before Dondozo goes down. He can even shrug off super effective hits, and Curse can boost his defenses even more.

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6 slow brother

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While not as bulky as Dodonzo, Slowbro has more flexibility. While Dodonzo can really only block opponents, Slowbro can be more offensive with Calm Mind. Slowbro also gets tons of coverage moves, including Flamethrower, Psychic, Shadow Ball, and Ice Beam.

5 cloister

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In addition to having a great defensive stat, Cloyster still fills his usual role of being a strong Shell Smash sweeper. Once he boosts his Attack, Special Attack, and Speed, Cloyster can take on all the late game Dragons in the Paldea region.

4 iron bundle

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The impossible has happened: Delibird has become usable! This mechanical version of the Generation II bird has tremendous Speed ​​and Special Attack, allowing it to kill Pokemon with Ice Beam and Hydro Pump left and right.

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3 Barraskewda

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This is easily the best Swift Swim sweeper in the game. However, even out of the rain, Barraskewda is still enormously fast. It can even outspeed many of the new Paradox Pokémon. Barraskewda can also use a variety of moves including Aqua Jet, Liquidation, Psychic Fangs, Crunch, and Close Combat.

2 quaquaval

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All Quaxly users were probably delighted to see their final evolution learn a move that increases speed and deals damage. After a sword dance, it’s really hard to stop Quaquaval from sweeping. His hidden ability is also Moxie, which increases his attack after getting a KO.

1 palafin

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While he doesn’t normally seem like a threat, Palafin turns into a beast once he changes. When in hero form, Palafin gains a whopping base attack stat of 160. To make matters worse, he has access to Jet Punch, which is essentially a stronger Aqua Jet (both Water-type priority moves). Even Smogon is talking about banning Palafin from competitive play.

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