The best games of 2022 you missed


23 December 2022, 14:42

Seriously? Don’t know Signalis, Tunica or Pentimenta? Sit back and listen – because these productions are essential to know! Here are the best games released in 2022!

If I say that some games may be released this year – and it would not be a mistake to put them aside The Elden Ring Or God of War: Ragnarok? Perhaps the productions from this list are not of the AAA category, but they are comparable (or more) fun to the serially-released titles of the industry giants. Among the games that appear on the list are indie games released on a tight publishing calendar for 2022 and may be useful to know e.g. If you are looking for the most expensive Christmas gift. For yourself or your loved ones.

Neon white

Neon White, Annapurna Interactive, 2022 - These 2022 Games You May Have Missed and They're Great - Documentary - 2022-12-16

Neon White, Annapurna Interactive, 2022

  1. Style: An arcade action game with elements of FPS, platformer, dating sim(?) … and card game
  2. Producer: Ben Esposito
  3. Average rating on Metacritic: 90/100

If you liked Ben Esposito’s previous game – a hole in the ground that devours everything around it even more ferociously, this might tempt you to give this author’s next product a chance. Here it is – Neon whiteA decent first-person shooter Brings well-liked Superhot to the mind plot? The Underlings of Heaven hold an event similar to the Hunger Games – but this time the participants are neons who want to go to heaven (condemned by the sinners who have caused so much trouble in their lives) and their task is to eliminate hordes of demons inhabiting the Holy Land.

The plot plays a background role, where the main dish is the gameplay – highly satisfying and devilishly dynamic, rich in logic-game mechanics that use special cards to eliminate enemies as quickly as possible. During their adventure, our neons collect special soul cards with weapons – many levels It takes about a minute to complete, but some of them require inhuman agility, while others require a choice of which enemies to eliminate and which to avoid. – All this to advance in the demon slayer hierarchy. And all this to regain good relations with the person above.

  1. Neon white in our encyclopedia


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