The best equipment and accessories of MCPR-300 in Warzone 2

The MCPR-300 is a well balanced sniper rifle in Call of Duty: Warzone 2. While the weapon is primarily designed for range and accuracy, it also has decent mobility stats for a sniper. You can customize this pistol with the right attachments and settings for even better effectiveness at range.

Best weaponry of MCPR-300 Warzone 2

Screenshot from Pro Game Guides
  • Muzzle: Nilsound 90
  • Barrel: 22″ OMX-456
  • To be: FSS OLE-V Laser
  • Ammunition: .300 High Velocity MAG
  • rear grip: Cronen Cheetah Hilt
  • Attachment Adjustment
    • Muzzle: For maximum aim down speed and bullet speed
    • Barrel: For maximum aim down speed
    • Ammunition: For maximum damage range and bullet speed
    • rear grip: For maximum aim down speed and Sprint speed to shoot

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To improve the range of the MCPR-300 sniper rifle, equip the Nilsound suppressor and 22” barrel to increase bullet speed and damage range. These attachments will hurt your weapon’s Aim Down Speed ​​(ADS) if you don’t set them correctly as shown above. To further increase the speed of the bullet, we have used the High Velocity ammo and adjusted it accordingly.

The next two attachments, laser and rear grip, increase the weapon’s ADS speed, sprint-to-fire time, and aim stability. If you are not comfortable with the default equipped MCPR-300 scope, swap out the rear grip for a cleaner long range optic such as the SP-X 80 6.6x or the DS Farsight 11.

MCPR-300 Warzone 2 Best Class Setting

  • primary weapon:MX9
  • secondary weapon: MCPR-300
  • Tactical: stimulating
  • Lethal: Semtex
  • benefits package: Equip the Weapons Specialist perk pack if you want two primary weapons in your loadout, otherwise choose Commando, Specter, or any other pack of your choice.

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