Star Citizen with new records and big plans for 2023


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02 January 2023, 15:01

Chris Roberts’ latest blog post reveals some very interesting information. The CEO celebrates the excellent results for 2022 and outlines the plans for the development of Star Citizen.

Chris Roberts, in his latest report, bragged about Star Citizen’s great results last year and outlined plans for brand development. Unfortunately, we still don’t know when the game will leave Early Access.

Star Citizen with new records

The information is provided in a Post Written by Chris Roberts. In it, the CEO of Cloud Imperium Games summarizes Star Citizen’s past fiscal year. According to the report, In 2022, more than one million users logged into the game, a huge increase from previous years – There will be around 650,000 of them in 2021 and half of the current number of players in 2019. All players spent more than 46 million hours during the year.

Besides, On average, 240 thousand users play the game every monthThis is a third more than in 2021. In particular, the highest traffic in the game was recorded in May (free weekend) – when about 400 thousand players logged into the game. A total of 800,000 new accounts were created in 2022 alone, of which there are currently approx. 18.5 million (via: mmo-population)

Star Citizen with new records and big plans for 2023 - Image #1

A breakdown of the number of players logged in and accounts created over the years. Source: Cloud Imperium Games.

Report generated amounts are not lost either Star Citizen In FY 2021. Cloud Imperium Games recorded more than $100 million in revenue. For comparison: according to Previous year report In fiscal year 2020, the studio achieved revenue of $86 million. Profits come from three sources: Store in the game And GadgetsFrom as well Fundraising (It has brought in about $540 million to date).

Setting new records is undoubtedly a big achievement Star Citizen Been in early access for 8 years. The long development period of the game and the unknown release date of the full version obviously do not prevent players from passing the time.

Ambitious plans for 2023

Along with showing off last year’s stats, Chris Roberts revealed the game’s development plans. Update 3.18 brings with it the Persistent Entity Streaming feature, whereby all player interactions (debris, bodies or objects left behind) do not disappear after time, but remain in the game world forever. The system is under test From SeptemberBut only the full version will be introduced later this year with patch 3.18.

The game also receives a large number of minor changes and quirks. Developers will improve, for example, combat AI, a new star map (included in the pyro system) and permanent hangars (with cargo elevators) will be added. You can see all the changes in the plan Official news.

Star Citizen FPP/TPP is a space sci-fi MMO. The game has been in early access since 2014. The title is only playable on PC.


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