Stair Legends Codes (November 2022)

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Prepare your finger to click! Stair Legends is a racing clicker where you compete to reach the leaderboards by climbing as high as you can in a series of one minute races. Each race will reward you with gold, whether you win or not, which you can spend on pets. These can be equipped to help you climb faster in future runs, and can then be fused together for even more speed.

When you enter one of our codes in Star Legends, you’ll be rewarded with gold, gems, or both, which you can then trade in for pets that will help you scale faster.

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List of all Stair Legends codes

Updated on November 23, 2022

Added a new code.

Stair Legends Codes (Working)

Here’s a look at all the Stair Legends codes that work.

  • TR4D3!—Redeem for 1k gold and 100 gems (New)
  • Release!—Redeem for 1k gold and 100 gems

Stair Legends Codes (Expired)

These codes for Stair Legends no longer work.

  • Rebalance!—Earn 6500 gold and 100 gems.

Stair Legends FAQ

Here is everything you need to know about Stair Legends codes.

How to Redeem Stair Legends Codes

Redeem codes for ladder legends It is easy.

Image from Pro Game Guides
  1. In the game, press the codes button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Enter your code in the box marked ENTER THE CODE HERE.
  3. press the Send! button below to claim your reward!

How can you get more Stair Legends codes?

We are always looking for new Stair Legends codes. But if you want to take a walk looking for them yourself, we suggest that you start by following @StairLegends Y @JustFunRBX On twitter. join the Ladder Legends Discord The channel is a great next step, in addition to becoming a member of Developer JustFun Games Roblox Group.

Why aren’t my Stair Legends codes working?

When it comes to Stair Legends codes, a few things can go wrong. First, you need to check to make sure you didn’t make a typo. Remember that you need to copy the capitalization as you see it here, and be careful that a character you thought was a number is not actually a letter. This is an easy mistake to make, so we suggest cutting and pasting your code directly from here whenever possible. If that doesn’t work, the code may have expired. This happens with Roblox codes frequently, since most are time sensitive. However, please check back soon for more codes and let us know about expired ones so we can keep this page up to date.

Making the most of being AFK

While it may seem counterintuitive, being AFK in Stair Legends can be profitable. Just click the AFK button at the bottom right of your screen to enter AFK mode. You must update this status every 15 minutes to keep it active. But while you are in this mode, you will earn gold by doing nothing. And you can also earn Group Gold and VIP level Gold if they apply to you. It’s actually a pretty good amount too, as you get 56 Gold every few seconds. So you’ll soon have enough to grab those fancy pet eggs that have had their eye on you.

What is Stair Legends?

Stair Legends is a pet collection clicker racing game. Exit the lobby and enter the game to position yourself at the bottom of the ladder. Once the timer starts, you have one minute to climb as high as you can by clicking your mouse. The higher you go, the more gold you will earn to spend on pets. And winning the climbs gives even more rewards.

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