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29 December 2022, 11:49

If you want to find the secret boss in Soulstone Survivors, you need to go to Bumble’s Lair. Know all about the winter event.

Soulstone Survivors is a game about killing hordes of enemies and powerful bosses. The product constantly encourages players to take on new challenges to unlock additional characters or achievements. A new update was released recently with a winter event. The Winterfall update introduced several new features, including a secret boss. In this article, we will talk about Bumble’s Lair.

Soulstone Survivors: Winter Update Description

Soulstone Survivors has received a winter update. It has added many new features – New weapons and skills. But in addition to these A secret boss Also introduced to the game. Defeating it unlocks new achievements. The simplified access to its cave will last until January 5. The developers announced that the boss will be difficult to find after this date.

Soulstone Survivors – How to get to Bumble’s Lair

Soulstone Survivors - Bumble's Lair Guide - Image #1

First of all, you need to choose the right map for – Frozen wastelands. If you explore it, you will see differently Color circles. This is the key to finding Bumble’s Lair.

Each of these circles corresponds to the soul stone of one of the superiors. To open the way to the secret master, you must kill each of the primal Lords of the Void, so that its ‘heart’ falls into the proper seal..

  1. Officers’ order – Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple,
  2. Seal location: bottom right corner, center to left, top right corner, center to bottom, center to top.

If you have done everything correctly, the portals will open for you. Apart from the basic ones, you will find something new Green oneYou must go.

Soulstone Survivors - Bumble's Lair Guide - Picture #2

Soulstone Survivors – Bumble’s Lair Tips

Here are some useful tips to help you get into Bumble’s Lair and fight the secret boss.

  1. Do not call servants – It is important that you kill the bosses in a certain location. You don’t have direct control over the summoned creatures, so they can pull the owner away from the seal. This happened to us.
  2. Circle the owner – The best way to keep the Lord of the Void at bay is to lure him into a seal and circle it if possible. Same goes for Bumble.
  3. Don’t get too close to Bumble – Once you fight a secret boss, try to get to the edge of the arena. The boss can deal a lot of damage around him.
  4. Move around a lot – You probably already know this rule, but it’s worth emphasizing. In Soulstone Survivors, it’s always a good idea to be on the move.

Soulstone Survivors – Bumble’s Lair Build

Below is the build for Arcane WeaverWith this we were able to enter Bumble’s Lair without any problems:

  1. Flaming missiles
  2. acid rain
  3. Chain lightning
  4. Arcane Sparks
  5. Arcane Beam
  6. lightning

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