Roblox Kaizen Curse (2022) Tier List

Kaizen is an anime-themed action game on Roblox where you’ll fight against cursed spirits or other players in PvP, earning weapons and new fighting styles as you get stronger. But your main goal is to gain magical abilities called Curses, each of which unlocks a series of spells for you to use. These abilities can really turn a battle your way. But which are the best? Read on for our Roblox Kaizen Curse tier list, to see which curses we think are the strongest.

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S Tier Kaizen Curses

These curses are currently considered to be the most powerful.

  • Damn flames: Some of the highest damage spells in the game.
  • Disaster Plant: Useful for Heaven’s Garden, which increases the strength of other curses.

A-Level Kaizen Curses

Great curses, with a good combination of abilities.

  • cursed speech: Short-range moves that can explode and stun.
  • freezefrost: A good mix of ice based spells, with attack and movement abilities.
  • shock amplification: Stuns and AOE effects.
  • straw doll: More defensive than offensive, giving you blocks but also stuns.
  • ten shades: Summons a dog to fight with you, fly, plus two attacks.

B Tier Kaizen Curses

They are generally considered the weakest curses, but are still useful in specific situations.

  • Building: Grants ranged abilities with various weapon effects.
  • devil’s broom: Great for a quick escape using the Broom Fly spell, but not great otherwise.
  • inactive transformation: Offers various close-up melee attacks. However, the damage is low.

Please note that these are just opinions based on gameplay during alpha testing. More Curses are expected and there will also be balance in the game, as your own playstyle may suit particular Curses better than others. Also, remember to keep an eye out for Kaizen codes to earn free items.

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