Oblivion: Bunker gameplay reveals more secrets


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02 January 2023, 13:48

Two new videos from the upcoming horror game Amnesia: The Bunker have hit the web. One of them shows the original way to open a locked door.

Clash games in recent weeks “Bombarding Us” With Short Gameplays From Upcoming Horror Game Oblivion: The Bunker.

This time a video hit the web showing different ways to open weak doors. Weak wooden structures can be defeated with bricks or fragmentation grenades.

It is worth recalling several items from recent weeks Oblivion: The Bunker Released. They introduced, among other things, revolutionary gun mechanics or the use of exploding barrels.

Along with the gameplay, Frictional Games’ YouTube channel has also released a new teaser trailer for the game, which features the dark atmosphere of the previous installments.

New footage from the game shows just that Oblivion: The Bunker However, it is different from the previous installments. More emphasis is placed on action (thanks to the use of guns) and freedom of action Rather than a strictly linear gameplay, the main focus is on avoiding creatures as it has been so far.

Creators of new in their latest materials amnesia The game boasts of improved physics compared to the previous installments, where interactions with the virtual world are greatly simplified.

Remember that Oblivion: The Bunker Heading to PC, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X. The game is scheduled to release in March this year.


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