Next-gen Witcher 3 proves to be the holy grail of ray tracing


29 December 2022, 13:27

Do you love ray tracing and want to see highly refined reflections in The Witcher 3? Well, then I have to worry you – it’s a lot more complicated than it seems. The next-gen Witcher is tricking us a bit.

I’m not particularly excited – I’m just curious and I know I’ll definitely check out the new patch. The Witcher 3 It’s a thing of the past for me, but I’m still a gamer of sorts Dungeon Keeper And Jagged Alliance 2 Installed on my PC. So, in the middle of December, I thought I’d sit down one nice evening and download it The Witcher 3I haven’t started on Steam in a while, just to see how the new garments are.

And check I did. My first thought: “I forgot about something.” Maybe I’m running another minimized game? Maybe I’m installing something in the background? A game from 2015 running on my gaming rig that got me at least two Civics for the same price as the original Crisis (Meaning: badly). It’s not that great, but an already respectable game requires processing power not yet available from a GPU. Unfortunately, this quickly became the case.

King’s new clothes (more in demand)

In theory, it is very beautiful and beautiful. The old game, after many small improvements, with improved textures and new technologies – from the new DLSS to the infamous and still misunderstood ray tracing. No grand philosophy – what could go wrong? And yet it went – Cyberpunk 2077 Runs better than The Witcher 3 at similar settings on Ultra with RT enabled. The difference is Cyberpunk Not only does it work but – obviously – it looks better.

Indeed, the framerate The Witcher 3 Dropped so much… I had to disable ray tracing. do you understand I have an RTX 3090 and I had to turn off ray tracing in a seven year old game because the mess made it impossible to play. Well, if you insist, you can play it this way. After all, many claim that the human eye can’t tell the difference between 30 and 60 frames per second (but try extracting a smooth 60 FPS from PS5 and XSX owners today and it’ll cause a riot). However, the outrage is justified, because it shouldn’t work that way. A patch for current generation consoles has been in development for a long time. Of course, before the premiere, the PC version was tested on the latest cards and slightly older ones. right?

Next-gen Witcher 3 Proves Ray Tracing Is The Holy Grail No One Can Find - Image #1


The truth, however, may be completely different. The state of next-gen patch releases, until recently, pissed me off. Today, it’s more of a sense of resignationBecause I’m really tired of the later behemoths – who spend money on idle nonsense and over hype – who can’t test their games properly – before bombarding them in the media – solving their problems and being a finished product.

In a podcast I listened to recently, the subject of the Quater 2022 World Cup came up. It is stated there that soccer fans (mostly Europeans) do not follow a logical chain of cause and effect. Say, if you buy a refrigerator and find it doesn’t work, you’ll probably avoid that brand from then on. This does not apply to soccer fandom. A team can put on the most embarrassing performance in the history of the universe; Sport can be the domain of extortion, international cartels and corruption, and fans continue to consume the sport just as we did in ancient Rome.

They focus on the illusion of what is happening now or what will happen in the future, reflected in all external contexts – including ethical or moral aspects. They do not care if they have experienced powerful depression in the past.

You see, I feel like we’ve been heading in this direction for years in gaming. Anger is temporary, additionally secured by a number of footnotes and stipulations that allow us to return to a beloved team — or game — without too much damage to our own dignity. It doesn’t matter how much someone betrays us or how much we fail. Not noticing what we have robbed.

Next-gen Witcher 3 Ray Tracing Proves The Holy Grail No One Can Find - Image #2

Even if we moan, scream or clench our fists for a moment, we will buy another one in a year, two, three or five years. extent of work Or Diablo Again, though we know the publisher has pretty much forgotten who these games are intended for. We have little memories, but we don’t really care anymore. We can’t deny ourselves in one place, we do in another – we compensate, for example by donating to charity or limiting animal products.

We’re not really customers anymore, and we stopped being players a long time ago; We fans, when properly motivated, forgive all the lies, forget the wrongs and scream that nothing happened. Lured by the promise of fulfilling dreams, we fantasize about the beautiful and wonderful worlds we will visit. Maybe it won’t work now, but hey, it’s XYZ Studio, so that alone is worth the wait.

And no one – really no one can break this chain of absurdity.

Holy Grail: Ray Tracing

Ray tracing is currently a clever marketing slogan on the one hand and a really big technological achievement on the other. The way it’s implemented – and above all, how it’s promoted – almost always results in disappointment and the opposite of what was hoped for. and new-old The Witcher 3 A great example of this.

The console version is supposed to have ray tracing, but – and this seems very important – the ray tracing isn’t always the same. Different studios interpret its implementation differently, and by tossing this buzzword around you – tempted by the graphics bells and whistles – pay through the nose. After the release of the next-gen patch, I saw videos and articles from various creators and influencers online, such as: Reflections (e.g. on the surface of a lake) have never looked so beautiful The Witcher 3, thanks to added ray tracing in the PS5 edition. And you know? Bigger nonsense can’t be said about this game.

Next-gen Witcher 3 Proves Ray Tracing Is Holy Grail - Image #3

No ray tracing on PS5 and XSX versions!!! No!? But it says something else! Well, here’s actually RT, but it’s not responsible for the reflections! In the case of this particular game, this technology is only available on PC. Any reflections you see on the PS5 are based on good rendering. There is an appropriate quote from the book Saga: “At night you mistook the stars reflected on the surface of the lake for heaven.”

So, what is wrong with the above statement? When a player hears “ray tracing”, they think of beautiful, realistic reflections – Spider Man Skyscrapers on the streets, reflected in the glass of the pumpkins Cyberpunk And the endless lights of a big metropolis. However, that’s not what the technique is all about – simply put, different shadows that add depth and more realistic lighting to a scene. (In general this may be less effective than “non-raytraced”, since older rendering methods allow for distortion, and still create incredibly beautiful and lovely locations).

Ray tracing in The Witcher 3 On consoles just that kind of RT – a cool, but terribly demanding technology, along with its most popular and recognizable element – lost reflections. So why was it implemented on consoles?

Well, maybe to show that this next-gen update is indeed next-gen. I’m afraid it’s just a marketing ploy in RT mode The Witcher 3 Feels “unplayable” on consoles compared to the relatively smooth performance mode. In addition, players do not see such a big difference in graphics (because, for example, they cannot see reflections and it is difficult to notice the fact that shadows and sun rays look better without careful and long observation).

Next-gen Witcher 3 Ray Tracing Proves The Holy Grail - Image #4

Before installing the patch, don’t forget to uninstall the old mods, otherwise you will see such grass.

I digress from the topic of The Witcher 3 on PC to highlight today’s market problem. When you can feel it The Witcher 3’s RT in its full glory on PC, it is actually difficult to run it. Whether it’s our hardware or game optimization – that’s debatable. You should keep in mind, however, that RT is a technology still under development; Not to mention experimental – it works atrociously, creating massive performance issues.

Ray tracing, as I already said, is not always the same thing – creators, when talking about RT, often mean different things. In some cases, it’s about better, more realistic shadows, while others boast beautiful lights and puddles of water where you’ll see detailed reflections of passing cars. And although sometimes developers try to be more specific (eg in the announcement of a next-gen patch The Witcher 3, indicating in small font that these reflections only apply to the PC version), so the marketing sells it to you as “super-duper-cutting-edge” tech. And in some cases, RT doesn’t just bring bells and whistles!

A particular problem, of course, is optimization, which calls for a vengeance in recently released PC games.You can basically turn off ray tracing Warhammer: Darktide (And prolly no one will notice the difference). in Callisto Protocol… you know for sure Callisto Protocol Looks like On the PC. That is a sin The Witcher 3 Followed the same path.

Next-Gen Witcher 3 Proves Ray Tracing Is Holy Grail - Image #5

It’s very foggy in this Witcher 3.

“They tricked me, gang”

You forget that. I certainly did. Instead of just getting polished games we’re given marketing slogans and promises of an “experience”. Understanding important details – as in the case of ray tracing mode – is another opportunity to increase profits. Our ignorance is a seat in the hands of those who decide how to sell a product. As customers, we still have rights – today, we just accept it and forget it. We are sorry because we hope for a better tomorrow. Or in most cases it’s enough to explain to us that RT shouldn’t be the main thrust of the game – a technology that still has a long way to go “even” on PC. I’m not sure if game and hardware developers make as much as they do today.

And you know… the funniest thing of all The Witcher 3 Basically it’s fine (even better on consoles, because it’s more smooth). Sure, I’m already laughing at these crude animations and the way Geralt interacts with stuff, even with a fence standing in his way. I am tired of long dialogues which I have heard a thousand times. Normal normal combat is annoying. But still the same, good, old the magician We played 7 years ago. And perhaps the most important thing we need to remember is precisely that This is a game from 7 years ago and if some of you bought it in 2022 expecting some cool bells and whistles, you won’t see them, or – In case of PC version – You can’t run them.


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