Neural Cloud Tier List and Replay Guide

Neural Cloud is an RPG with strategy elements. Here, you are the professor, an expert who understands the virtual kingdom where dolls fight against dangerous enemies. Since this is also a gacha game, you will need to collect those dolls. Choose carefully as there are five hero classes, each of which is important on the battlefield. To make your selection easier, here’s a Neural Cloud tier list for each class and a replay guide in case you want to get a better start.

Neural Cloud Guards Tier List

Level Neural Cloud Guard Characters
S Croque, Evelyn
A Bonee, Yanny
B. souchun
C. Zion

Best neural cloud savers

  • croque – She is one of the best tanks due to her ability to heal herself while taunting enemies. Croque is also essential to the story, making her more than just another doll.
  • Evelyn – Has a damage reduction ability that can be a game changer in battle and is also very effective at keeping more damage oriented characters safe.

Neural Cloud Medics Tier List

Level Neural Cloud Medic Characters
S Florence, Nanaka
A Guinevere, Jessie, Persicaria
B. Choco, Imhotep
C. Panakeia

Top Neural Cloud Doctors

  • florence – She is excellent in battles due to her healing and debuffing abilities. The Angelic Allure ability enchants enemy units into attacking allies. Florence is also a very effective medic, as her Special Care ability heals units and reduces the damage they take by 16%.
  • nanaka – There is no better doll with better mass healing abilities than Nanaka. The Starry Revue ability heals all allies within range, while the Dancing Starlight ability creates a field they cannot die on and heals them before it expires.

Neural Cloud Sniper Tier List

Level Neural cloud sniper characters
S Lam, Chanzhi/Twigs
A Hubble, Kuro
B. Earhart, Fresnel, Octogen
C. Max, Simon

Best neural cloud snipers

  • Chanzhi/Twigs – If you want an efficient ranged attacker focused on area effect, this Dolls is the best option. Her Magnificent Embroidery ult deals significant damage to all enemies within range.
  • Justice – He can deal significant damage thanks to his crit-boosting abilities. That’s especially true of his Vector Tunneling ult, which fires a laser that deals damage to all enemies in its path.

Neural Cloud Specialist Tier List

Level Neural cloud sniper characters
S Banxsy, Sakuya
A Angela, Stand Up, Willow
B. Abigail, Antonina, Dushevnaya
C. Groove, Mai, Ksenia

The best neural cloud specialists

  • banxsy – She is a debuff specialist, as her skills focus on reducing enemies’ accuracy and dodge rate. She makes opponents inefficient and vulnerable, which can quickly turn the tide of battle.
  • sakuya – With its focus on the Bleed debuff (target loses health for a maximum of 10 seconds), it is excellent at draining health from multiple targets. Sakuya’s ultimate is Ten Thousand Leaf Storm, which deals damage to enemies and applies bleed.

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Neural Cloud Warrior Tier List

Level Neural Cloud Fighter Characters
S Here Betty
A Centaureissi, Vee
B. sun, fern
C. chelsea

The best neural cloud warriors

  • here – As one of the best fighters in the game, Aki is all about dealing critical damage thanks to the Murasame-giri ability that does five quick attacks on the enemy.
  • Betty – You can trust Betty to lead the pack in battle with her buffs and quick attacks. She can gain additional speed and armor while performing Life Steal and Bleed attacks.

Neural Cloud Replay Guide

Screenshot from Pro Game Guides

If you are not satisfied with the characters you got at first, you can start over. Follow this Neural Cloud Replay Guide to easily get another shot at better Dolls. Please note that this process takes around 20 minutes to complete, so multiple iterations may take a while.

  • Start the game as a guest, or better yet, create a Sunborn account for each new spin. You will need a new email for each roll.
  • Complete the Tutorial and the first chapter.
  • Click on the Neural Search tab on the right side of the main screen.
  • Pull for dolls.
  • If you are not satisfied with the characters you got, repeat the process until you get what you want.

If you need help with Neural Cloud, check out the Neural Cloud codes in Pro Game Guides.

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