My Time at Sandrok – Mole Cave and Magnesium Ore Explained (Updated)


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30 December 2022, 09:30

If you’re looking for a mole cave during my time at Sandrok, you’ve come to the right place. We also tell you what the problem is with magnesium ore and where to find it.

My Time at Sandrock is still in early access, but already the game has gathered thousands of loyal fans. Players are eagerly waiting for new updates and game elements. One of these Mole Cave. In this article, we will talk about it. In addition, we touch on the issue of raw materials, including Magnesium ore.

Where to find Mole Cave during my time at Sandrok


Developers have already added Mole Cave to the game. To get it, all you have to do is complete the main missions. You will gain access to this location after The Goat Quest. However, accessing this platform will cost you 500 goals per week.

Original News:

Short answer – nowhere. Unfortunately, for now Mole Cave is not in the game. This is due to the difficulties of Pathia games. The studio had to switch to remote working mode, which slightly delayed the work. As a result, Hey Old Paul! The update planned for November should be split into 2 parts. Unfortunately, the first one did not include the location of Mole Cave. You have to wait patiently to reach it. The developer announced that they will try to release the second part of the update by the end of DecemberOr failing that, as soon as possible.

Magnesium ore, aluminum ore and other resources in Mole Cave


In Mole Cave you can find resources like Aluminum Ore (Levels 1-4, 9-11) and Magnesium Ore (Levels 5-11). In addition to these, of course, you’ll be able to see more common materials like Data Disc, Power Stones, Dynas, Sulphur, Stone and Graphite.

In addition, you will be able to collect Residues: Pasya Game Kid (2 pieces), Stone Painting (3 pieces), Ferris Wheel (3 pieces), Terracotta Soldier (2 pieces), Floating Galaxy (3 pieces), Sundial Piece (3 pieces), Giant Wild Goose (4 pieces) , Train Model (5 pieces) and Great Wall (5 pieces).

You will also find the following useful items here: Processor, Pressure Gauge, Gravity Motor and Expert Toolbox.

Original news:

You are probably on this page because you are looking for the raw materials you need. Mole Cave is currently unavailable, Whispering Valley Always will be. Continue playing until you gain access to this position. Here you will find Aluminum scrap and advanced mechanical scrap. Processing these raw materials gives you many of the resources you need for construction – aluminum bars, for example. You can also find some raw materials during story missions and by searching through crates. So it’s worth looking around. Unfortunately There is no permanent and reliable access to magnesium oreBut you can find it at that time Shipwreck Confidential Story Quest In shipwreck hazardous wrecks.

For more permanent resources, you will have to wait for the next update and the introduction of Mole Cave. Be patient.


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