MultiVersus Marvin the Martian Guide: Moves, Perks, Tips & Strategies

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MultiVersus has included several fan-favorite cartoon characters in its extensive roster, with the newest addition joining the Looney Tunes team. Marvin the Martian joined the cartoon capers in 1948, adding to the platform fighter. Marvin is a unique character who breaks with tradition in many ways, so players need to know a few things to find out.

How to play Marvin the Martian in MultiVersus

Marvin is a Killer in MultiVersus, which surprises many. He looks a lot like a mage, most of his equipment is long range and he has many tricks up his sleeve. However, being good to Marvin requires a rushed high-risk, high-reward strategy. You will have to learn the many tools from him to destroy opponents up close and at a distance.

All of Marvin the Martian’s moves in MultiVersus


  • Acme Bubble Launcher (Neutral)
    • Marvin charges up and fires a large, slow-moving projectile that launches the opponent upwards. If the bubble hits an ally’s projectile, it will wrap around them and slow them down. If he hits an enemy projectile, it will reflect it. The cooldown is applied after firing a fully charged shot.
  • Martian arts training (Side)
    • Standing 3-hit combo that ends with an upward arcing projectile. Not a true combo, but the projectile can hit from a distance.
  • shoot for the moon (Up)
    • Marvin charges up and fires a projectile straight up. He can aim while he charges.
  • A-1 blaster pistol (Down)
    • Fires a short-range beam forward. Holding the button will keep the lightning out, but Marvin will take damage over time. The beam disappears immediately after connecting with an enemy.
  • K-62 Shell Modulator (Special Neutral)
    • Marvin presses a button, dealing damage to anyone immediately nearby. This attack stops and reverses the direction of any friendly projectiles. The attack can still be used on cooldown, but will only damage enemies.
  • Acme Spacetime Rifle (special side)
    • Marvin fires a short-range projectile that will push the enemy up and towards Marvin.
  • To me, my glorious ship! (Special above)
    • Marvin is launched upward, leaving his spaceship in place. He then takes aim and fires a missile towards Marvin’s location. The ship can be destroyed by enemies, and the missile is a heavy projectile with immense recoil.
  • …In the name of Mars! (special below)
    • Marvin plants a flag that emanates a small area of ​​light. If enemies stand in the aura, they receive the block debuff. Marvin can use To me, my glorious ship! and the missile will target and track the target enemy.

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  • Acme Bubble Launcher (Neutral)
  • cosmic kicks (Side)
    • Marvin kicks forward, launching the target up.
  • shoot for the moon (Up)
    • Same as grounded version, but cannot be aimed.
  • A-1 Disintegration Gun (Down)
    • A down version of the ground attack of the same name, but this attack is constantly ramping up.
  • K-62 Shell Modulator (Special Neutral)
  • centurion headbutt (special side)
    • Marvin rushes forward, throwing enemies up and following them.
  • To Me, My Glorious Ship! (Special above)
  • … In the name of Mars! (special below)
    • Fall forward with Marvin’s flag, causing block effect on landing.

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  • Marvin can walk while crouched.

Best Marvin the Martian Perks in MultiVersus

  • space invader
    • Marvin can aim his air attack up.
  • Up, up and A-Slay
    • 5% increased damage for attacks that knock enemies up.
  • That’s (not) all, folks!
    • If you get a ring-out while near the limits, you’ll be rushed back to center.
  • Triple jump
    • Get a third jump after landing an airstrike.

Tips and strategies for Marvin the Martian in MultiVersus

Marvin relies a lot more on vertical attacks than most projectile-focused characters. He is designed to kill by repeatedly forcing the enemy up or attacking with his awesome air attack down. In 2v2 matches, he abuses Marvin’s neutral special every time a projectile misses and gives him a second chance. Also, he attacks like Acme Spacetime Rifle Y cosmic kicks leaves the enemy above Marvin, perfectly setting him up for stronger combos. Pairing Marvin with powerful allies like Black Adam will be incredibly powerful. Marvin is unusual but very capable. He learns the projectiles from him and claims every arena for Mars.

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