Is Evil West an open world?

Evil West is the new action/adventure game from Flying Wild Hog, and it takes place in the ever popular and weird western setting. Players can take on a variety of powerful monsters with their unique weapons, fists, and technology. However, as this game finally hits the stores, some players need clarification on what kind of gameplay to expect.

Evil West is a third-person linear action game. This not an open world experience. While players are encouraged to search for secrets, you’ll find that the critical path is solid and unchanging. Evil West is reminiscent of the simple linear games of the PlayStation 3 era.

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You will find a lot of invisible walls scattered across the landscape of Evil West. Progressing is simple, just continually find and follow the usual markers. Posts marked with glowing chains always indicate the right way to go. Hanging bodies and other optional objectives will often allow you to progress as well.

Evil West is not an open world but a simple linear action game with a unique setting. Don’t expect to choose your own adventure, but expect to have fun along the way.

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