How to unlock the Time Trial Challenge inside the Dendro Barrier in Apam Woods in Genshin Impact

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While exploring the northern part of Apam Woods, you will come across a time trial challenge trapped inside a Dendro barrier. Solve a quick puzzle to unlock the Time Trial Challenge and complete it to get a Precious Chest reward.

How to solve the Apam Woods Time Trial Challenge Dendro’s barrier puzzle in Genshin Impact

Before starting this puzzle, make sure you have the Vintage Lyre and have unlocked the Rhythm of the Sprout. To get them, you need to complete The Rhythm that Nutres the Sprout World Quest:

While you will learn the song after part 1, you must complete all three parts to fully unlock the Outbreak Rhythm.

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Once you have done the prerequisites, prepare a strong DPS team with a bow user, then head to the puzzle location circled in the image above. You’ll find three branches sprouting (circled above) surrounding the barrier. These are branches that Healthy Dendrograna can sprout from, which can be used to shoot down special floating projectiles.

You need to stand next to each Outbreak Branch, equip the Vintage Lyre, activate the Gadget, and play the Outbreak Rhythm (do > so > so > the > you in the third line). Do this in any order to revive the Sprouting Branches and make three floating projectiles appear.

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Interact with any Sprouting Branch to summon healthy Dendrgranum. When the healthy Dendrogranum is still active, shoot down one of the three projectiles floating around the area, pictured above. Do the same for the other two, but remember to summon Healthy Dendrogranum each time. Once all three floating projectiles have been fired (indicated by a Dendro symbol in the center of each), the Dendro Barrier will disperse.

Interact with the Time Trial Challenge to get started. you must defeat two Draco Ruin: Skywatch within a minute to complete the challenge and get a precious chest reward.

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