How to unlock Confounding Abyss in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy update 2.1 has introduced tons of game mechanics, game modes, and other features for players to immerse themselves in. In addition to the new Lin simulacrum, players will also be able to explore a new region in the form of the Confounding Abyss. This region includes hostile enemies, world bosses, and puzzles. However, to unlock this region, you will first need to complete a main story mission in the Vera region. In this guide, we will tell you how you can unlock and access the Abyss of Confusion in Tower of Fantasy.

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What is the Confusing Abyss in Tower of Fantasy?

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The Confounding Abyss is an underground dungeon maze with three sub-levels. It is located directly below the floating city of Mirroria in the Vera region. Hidden deep within this network of dungeons is the long-abandoned site of the third city. As you dive into the mysterious depths, expect to find unique monsters, region-exclusive puzzles, and rare ingredients. The Confounding Abyss is also home to world bosses like Abyss: HarrahY Glass Hoof: Culton.

How to get to the Abyss of Confusion in Tower of Fantasy

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Players must progress through the main story mission in the Vera region to gain access to the Abyss of Confusion. Specifically, you will have to start chapter eight of the named story missions The listener. After completing the second part of this story and successfully defeating Ripper G-042 in the hidden experiment mission, you will be summoned by Dr. Larsen. He will then ask you, Lin, and Tian Lang to journey into the depths of the Abyss of Confusion to relaunch exploration of the region. After this, you will be able to travel to the Abyss of Confusion in Tower of Fantasy.

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