How to manage hygiene at Nobody The Turnaround

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Hygiene is an important stat to manage and keep high, as if you let it get out of hand, you can quickly lose respect with those around you in Nobody The Turnaround. Luckily, managing your Hygiene isn’t difficult as long as you understand how the system works. Here’s how to manage your hygiene on Nobody The Turnaround.

Nobody The Turnaround Hygiene System – Explained

The Hygiene system mimics real health practice by requiring players to manage their Hygiene for improvement. That being said, monitoring your hygiene is a good idea because failing to do so leads to debuffs that reduce your character’s respect in Nobody’s change. Low respect makes it harder to earn money from jobs and reduces the number of dialogue options. Luckily, you can increase your Hygiene by doing laundry and taking a bath/shower.

How to Increase Hygiene in Nobody The Turnaround

You can increase your Hygiene in Nobody the Turnaround by bathing/showering or doing laundry. The first method to bathe or shower in Nobody the Turnaround is to pay for rooms in hotels that have showers or bathtubs. Eventually, players will have the option to buy or rent a house when they reach day 19. If you already own a house or rent one, you can usually take a shower by finding it inside your house, as shown below:

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You can also wash yourself in the fountains or bathroom sinks by walking up and pressing the button my key. Washing in the fountains or baths will start a small mini-game where you have to choose a card with a smiley face on it to get a positive result. The cards look random, so it’s a matter of guessing which card is the smiley face. Fortunately, if you fail the minigame, you can always try again with no consequences until you get the correct card. However, washing in fountains or showering will not clean your clothes.

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How to clean your clothes in Nadie The Turnaround

To wash your clothes in Nobody The Turnaround, you must use a washing machine in your rented or purchased house or use the laundry room. Using the laundry room allows you to wash your clothes, but you have to pay around 20 dollars to do so The Washer method uses a similar system, but you must pay your utility bills to continue using it.

Where to find the Laundromat in Nadie The Turnaround

The laundromat location is north of the Washion Comms building shown below. To use the laundry room, go up and click on its icon near the door. Doing so will open a tab menu where you can drop off your clothes and do the laundry for $20.

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How to shop for clothes on Nobody The Turnaround

You can buy some new clothes by visiting one of the street vendors that line West Road at Nobody The Turnaround. Also on West Road is a fashion store vendor selling expensive clothes. We recommend using the Peddler option if you are just starting the game, as you need to save as much as possible.

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