How to Kill Dissenters in Cult of the Lamb


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30 December 2022, 11:56

In the Cult of the Lamb, your followers can turn against you, becoming dissidents. Here we explain who they are and how you can kill them.

Cult of the Lamb Players are tasked with creating their own cult by spreading the good word among the inhabitants of the game world. However, the followers of your religion may become disobedient and do not perform the tasks assigned to them. In this guide we explain exactly who the dissidents are and how to kill them.

Who were the Dissenters in the Cult of the Lamb?

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Disagreements Cult followers who simultaneously oppose your teachings. They do more harm than help, mainly because Failing to perform their duties. In addition, they intimidate and cause other followers Loss of Faith Points. Moreover, they may leave the cult after a few days, taking some of your resources such as gold.

How to Kill Dissenters in Cult of the Lamb?

There are many ways to get rid of a follower who acts against the cult. Below are some possibilities:

  1. Murder Dissent / Ascend Dissent – Thus it is necessary to build a temple and have a commandment stone. It unlocks new theories in the crown tab. Then hover over the Law & Order option, which will give you a choice of Murder Follower or Ascend Follower at Tier 1. Selecting one of them turns off the other option. Something that makes you get rid of the dissonance.
  2. Killing by eating – in Cult of the Lamb, there are meals that have a high chance of killing dissent. One such meal is Deadly Dish, which is made from 1x Follower Meat, 1x Poop, and 1x Grass. A person who eats this meal has a 75% chance of dying instantly.
  3. Sacrifice is dissent – The Waiter will offer you a new ritual after some quests – Meat Sacrifice. With this, you can sacrifice one of your dissidents in the temple to gain lecture points, bones, and follower meat. However, you lose 10 faith points on this action. This move’s long cooldown means you won’t be able to use it all the time.
  4. Sending on a mission – After unlocking the missionary building, you can send any follower (even a dissident) on a mission. It is best to choose something that is more difficult to complete. There’s a good chance the dissident you send will die on the trip.

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