How to get Zimo ‘Deactivate’ skin in DMZ

The Disable Operator skin for Zimo is one of the many rewards you can unlock through Faction Missions in Call of Duty: DMZ. The skin is available as a final reward for Tier 2 White Lotus faction missions, which are unlocked only after completing the Tier 1 set of challenges.

How to unlock the Two Birds mission in DMZ

You can get the Defuse Zimo skin by finishing the final Tier 2 White Lotus faction quest, Two Birds. This mission is unlocked by completing five of the six basic challenges available in the same level. We’ve listed the five that you can easily complete in the DMZ below:

  1. blitz run
    • Exfil with six Killstreaks in one deployment
  2. Pack them and label them
  3. intel executed
    • Activate five UAV towers
    • Kill 20 enemies hit by UAV Towers
  4. hostage rescue
  5. hit and run
    • Run over 16 enemies with a vehicle
    • Fully refuel and repair a vehicle at a gas station

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How to get the Defuse Zimo Skin in DMZ

After completing five level 2 basic quests for the white lotus faction, the final quest for the two birds will be unlocked. This quest consists of three tasks that you need to complete to get the Defuse skin:

  1. Trip to Al-Safwa quarry: This POI is located in the northwestern region of Al Mazrah, as shown on the map above.
  2. Kill 18 enemies in Quarry: Once you have reached Al-Safwa Quarry, get 18 AQ soldier kills in the region. There will be a lot of bots in the area and you can easily mark them by activating a nearby UAV Tower.
  3. Destroy two reinforcement helicopters in the Al-Safwa quarry: The third and final task requires you to destroy two helicopters that are bringing AQ soldiers to the region. These birds fly at regular intervals, but you may have to wait a bit to see one. Helicopters are not that easy to shoot down using your weapons. We recommend buying an LTV from a nearby buy station for $18000 and using its turret to shoot down the helicopter. Alternatively, you can use role-playing games driven by the bots.

Complete all three tasks to unlock the Disable skin for the Zimo Operator. The skin is quite similar to the skin of the base character. You can equip it in the Operator selection menu in DMZ, Warzone 2, or MW2.

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