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Weather epic minigames may seem like just another superficial level, Mario Party-style experience, it actually offers a couple of secret badges that players can collect to help put together an interesting, behind-the-scenes story. One of these badges, the secret finder badge, requires players to complete a quick scavenger hunt, locate a secret door, and explore a mysterious underground base to obtain it. For more information, please continue reading below.

How to earn the secret finder badge in Epic Minigames

As mentioned above, players wishing to earn this badge will need to complete a scavenger hunt before they can earn it. This treasure hunt is all about finding and clicking on five hats that have been hidden around the Epic Minigames map, the locations of which can be found below.

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  • In a box to the right of the clubhouse
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  • Between two rocks near the slide and the lighthouse
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  • On the boat that’s parked at the dock
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  • Interior of the red tent at the campsite.
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After clicking on the final hat, a secret door will open on the map. To get to this door, walk to the left of the red tent you are currently in front of. After a few steps you should reach the point below. Once here, jump into the hole that revealed the secret door.

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At the bottom of this hole is an underground base that you can now explore! As you walk through the halls of this base, you should eventually come to a large aircraft hangar with a huge plane inside. As soon as you enter the hangar, you will unlock the secret finder badge! What do you think this base is for? Hmm…

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