How to get the runic invocation in God of War Ragnarök

Runic Summons are special abilities used by Atreus and Freya in God of War Ragnarök. Atreus uses spectral animals such as a wild ibex and one of Ratotaskr’s emotions, while Freya uses her swords and her magic. They can really deal damage to enemies, taking out large swaths of them, or they can get Kratos out of trouble if a battle starts to go sideways. But when do Atreus and Freya unlock the ability to use said abilities?

How to use runic invocation in God of War Ragnarök

In the case of Atreus, he will get his first runic summon after the first round in Alfheim. This is a small path in the game, so patience is required. As for Freya, she will come equipped with a runic summon by default. There are four runic summons for each character, many of which are found in legendary chests or are rewards for completing favors. As such, it’s rewarding if players venture off the beaten path.

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By playing as Kratosplayers must press the square button to use a runic invocation. Otherwise, when playing as Atreus, Hold L1 and press R2 to unleash the currently equipped runic summon. Don’t forget that Runic Summons can also be leveled up, improving their damage and other effects, so dump some of those experience points into your favorite to really up the ante. That’s all there is to it to use Runic Summons. Good luck on your journeys through the nine realms!

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