How to get the hidden achievement Swift as the Wind Sumeru in Genshin Impact

Swift as the Wind is a Genshin Impact Wonders of the World achievement that can be obtained by activating three Tri-Yana Seeds in Mawtiyima Forest. Doing so will also cause wind currents to appear permanently in the area, which are useful for exploration, so we recommend completing this objective.

How to unlock the hidden achievement Swift as the Wind in Genshin Impact

You need to apply Electro on three floating Tri-Yana Seeds in any order to revive the ghost mushrooms, then activate them to generate wind currents and complete the objective. You can find the locations of all three below. Read on for exact instructions on how to find all three puzzles and what to do on each one.

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We recommend starting from the Teleport Waypoint southwest of the Mawtiyima Forest. Slide into the area circled at the bottom, which houses a mushroom platform with the first puzzle on it. Then head to the second puzzle in the middle, which is deep in the forest, so you can get there using any waypoint.

Once the middle puzzle is done, use the wind current push yourself up to get a dendroculus, then slide onto the puzzle on a mushroom platform in the northernmost part of the Forest. Do not use the domain reference point, as it is not high enough.

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In each area, you will find a Tri-Yana Seed floating around a ghost mushroom. Expect for the Tri-Yana Seed to approach the ghost mushroom, then apply Electro to the Seed. It will pulse with energy that will revive the fungus. Reciprocity with the mushroom to Activate it, creating a current of wind. Once all three wind currents have been activated, you will unlock Swift as the Wind Hidden achievement.

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