How to get Sinistea Tokens in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Players who picked up Pokemon Violet specifically are likely to be on the lookout to collect Sinistea tokens. Although Sinistea is not a bad Pokémon in its own right with a strong evolution, players will need to collect Sinistea tokens to obtain the item that evolves from Charcadet to Ceruledge. This process can take a while, but it’s definitely worth it as Ceruledge is very powerful.

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Sinistea has a couple of habitats in the Paldea region, but the best place to look for it is just outside the town of Zapapico. Its Pokedex entry indicates that Sinistea likes to hang around cities, and it will take much longer to find Sinistea’s other habitats.

To start collecting Sinistea tokens, the first thing trainers will want to do is wait until nighttime (when Ghost Pokémon appear most often). Then head over to Zapapcio, which is located in the Eastern Province, Area Three. Head to the Poke Center and then walk away. to the nearby mound.

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From there, the best way to rack up encounters with Sinistea is to literally walk around the outskirts of town. As the trainers walk around, the spawns will reset and Sinistea should spawn multiple times. The woman in Pickaxe wants 10 total Sinistea tokens, so trainers need to send out a strong dark type with the Let’s Go command to easily take out Sinisteas.

One piece of advice is to walk very slowly. Sinistea has a very small sprite when in the overworld, so it’s very easy to miss her. Walk around slowly and be sure to take a look around the entire area for that little cup of tea.

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