How to get Bronzor Shards in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Many trainers, particularly those for Pokémon Scarlet, have been searching for Bronzor Shards. This isn’t necessarily for using Bronzor (although it’s not a bad idea), but for collecting the items needed to get the Auspicious Armor – the item that turns Charcadet into Armarouge. These trainers should be happy to know that they can start collecting Bronzor Shards within the first hour of the game!

How to earn Auspicious Armor in Pokemon Scarlet

A lady in Pickaxe can offer the Auspicious Armor. However, she will not abandon him unless the player can provide 10 Bronzor Shards. Since players can find Bronzor so early, it’s best to collect them before you even get to Pickaxe.

Bronzor can be found in the Southern Province, Area Three. Trainers can arrive right after the tutorial by exiting the east gate of Mesogoza. You will enter a rocky area where Titan Klawf resides. However, towards the northern part of that area, there are some ruins where Bronzor likes to congregate.

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Usually only a couple of Bronzor will spawn in these ruins at a time. Therefore, trainers will want to defeat a couple with the Let’s Go command, leave the area, and return to reset the spawns. The Bronzor here are around level 11, so they shouldn’t be too hard to take down.

Please note that this is exclusive to Pokémon Scarlet players. In Pokémon Violet, trainers will be looking for Sinistea tokens, as they will evolve from Charcadet to Ceruledge instead of Armarouge.

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