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First it was NFL Shop, then NFL Tycoon; now we have the third entry in the series, NFL Quarterback Simulator! With the debut of this simulator experience comes two free UGC elements, the rubber ducky aura Y UFO Abduction Companion. Please continue reading below for a short guide on how to get these two avatar accessories.

How to Unlock All Free Items in NFL Quarterback Simulator

rubber ducky aura

The rubber ducky aura is automatically unlocked as soon as you enter the farm level of the experience. To unlock this level, you will need to earn at least 2000 gems by participating in the soccer toss minigame. To play this minigame, simply walk up to any training dummy on the field and click on it; doing so will start the minigame. To play the game successfully, time your click so that the arrow at the bottom of your screen lands on the yellow section.

Screenshot from Pro Game Guides

Once you’ve collected at least 2,000 gems, walk over to the locked door in front of you and click on it to open it; by doing so, you will be able to enter the London level. From here, simply walk forward to the next door labeled Free and click on it to open it.

Screenshot from Pro Game Guides

Behind this door is the farm level! As soon as you unlock this area, you should automatically receive the Rubber Ducky Aura.

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UFO Abduction Companion

To unlock the UFO Abduction Companion, we need to find and approach the large pizza in this area and look for the small chest that is hidden below. Upon opening this chest, you will receive the UFO Abduction Companion. That’s all about it!

Screenshot from Pro Game Guides
Screenshot from Pro Game Guides

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