How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Play Paintball

Have you been dying to go watch paintball, but don’t know how to convince your parents to let you? Many of us teenage paintballers have struggled with this age-old problem. For some reason, parents (especially moms) don’t seem too excited about the idea of ​​their sons and daughters running around getting covered in paint. crazy right? As such, I thought it would be a good idea to pass on some of the advice we’ve found over the years to the younger generation so that as many people as possible can play paintball.

#1: Know what you are talking about

Chances are your parents don’t know much about paintball. They may not have even heard of this sport before. Therefore, if you are going to try to convince your parents, you must be an expert. The more information you can give them, the better. Tell them what it is about, how the rules work, what everyone is doing to stay safe, etc. it is if your parents are like mine) Just remember that information = cooperation.

#2: Offer a way to pay for it

One of the main reasons why some people don’t get into paintball is because of the high price tag that comes with it. Having to spend $50 on a sport every time you play it doesn’t help the cause when you’re trying to convince your parents to let you play it in the first place. And of course, that doesn’t even count the initial investment if you buy your own equipment. While you don’t necessarily have to cover the costs directly, offering to do something in exchange for your parents can be a good convincing tactic. EX: Mowing the lawn, shoveling snow, cleaning the house, etc.

#3: Get a credible testimonial

Sometimes if you’ve spent years trying to convince your friends to let you play paintball, they’ll start to get sick of the whole concept in general and just shut down. At times like these, it can be helpful to get someone else to help argue her case. (Two brains are better than one) Maybe this means asking one of your friends to talk to your parents and just answer their questions, or maybe you can convince your friend’s parents to talk to yours (assuming they’re according to paintball). Just remember, the more people you have on your side, the more believable you’ll appear.

#4: Show them what you are going to do

It is also important that your parents have a general idea of ​​what sport is. This is when the Internet and YouTube become your best friends. You can first watch videos that give a good representation of what paintball is and then show it to your parents. Of course, always watch the videos you want to show them first, so you know they won’t hurt your cause.

#5: Do not bother them or expect an immediate response

Patience is a virtue. Sometimes it’s really hard to be patient, but if you can hang in there, it’s most likely worth it. Remember to take it easy, it might take more than one paintball conversation to convince your parents to let you play. Know your parents and their limits, and if they start to get frustrated that you go on and on with paintball, stop and do it again in a couple of days. Before long, they should show up and you’ll be playing paintball with the pros.

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