How to Bring Thought to Earth I Can Return… Sumeru’s Hidden Achievement in Genshin Impact

Although to Earth I Can Return… is a Genshin Impact Wonders of the World achievement that you can get by returning to Aranara’s Mural in Old Vanarana after completing the entire Aranyaka questline. There’s a long list of prerequisites you need to complete before you can attempt this hidden Achievement, but the actual Achievement itself only takes a minute to obtain.

Prerequisites for Although I Can Return to Earth… Sumeru’s Hidden Achievement in Genshin Impact

Before trying to get this hidden achievement, you must first complete a long chain of quests that covers the most important story of the Sumeru rainforest called Aranyaka. You will meet many friends from Aranara and help them get rid of Marana once and for all.

  • Part I: Meeting in the forest
  • Part II: Nursery of dreams
  • Part III: Nursery of Lost Dreams
  • Part IV: In the end, the forest will remember

How To Unlock Although To Earth I Can Return… Sumeru’s Hidden Achievement In Genshin Impact

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Head to the Teleport Waypoint in the northern part of Old Vanarana, circled in the image above. You will find yourself in the underground section of the region with a giant sinkhole leading down. Carefully slide down until you reach the bottom. Watch out for fall damage!

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You will find a mural with Aranara and the golden Nara engraved in a relief form. Getting closer to immediately get the Although to Earth I May Return… Hidden Achievement. We recommend interacting with the Mural to discover a small change that occurred after the conclusion of the Aranyaka questline.

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