How to become a professional soccer player in BitLife

The central theme of BitLife is to simulate and play any major career of your choice. In that sense, one of the most popular lives that people want to replicate is being a professional soccer player. To do this, you must start practicing soccer from a very young age and follow a strict training regimen.

Before you practice soccer or join any club, make sure to select a character with a special trait/talent in sports while creating life. If not, roll again until you find that character or customize that life using God Mode if you have one.

After creating your character, stay athletic and energetic from an early age by visiting the gym, going for a walk, and eating healthy once the features are available in the Mind & Body section in the activities tab. Make it a regular habit until you become a professional gamer.

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As soon as you join a middle school, try out for the soccer club through the extracurricular section of the activities tab and stay a part of it until you reach high school. Go the extra mile by using the Hard work option to improve each year as a player in the youth division. After reaching high school, he re-applies for the football team and repeats the same procedure that he followed in his junior years. Also, try to become the captain of your high school team by using the Work Harder option over and over again, as he will play an important role in your journey to become a professional gamer.

After graduating from high school, you should start receiving offers from various clubs. Accept whatever comes your way. Otherwise, apply for a trial at any low to mid level club in any league. Check the league table to identify the last teams in the table. Apply to them and hope for the best. With time and effort, you will be selected for one or another professional team, achieving your dream as a professional player.

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