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23 December 2022, 14:20

Mechanitor gives players the ability to issue commands to mechanoids. You will learn how to become a mechanist in Rimworld.

Rimworld is a game that offers a huge number of possibilities, thanks to which you can create a large, thriving colony. A lot of dangers await the player, so it is worth acquiring new techniques. In this guide you will learn who a mechanic is and how to become one.

The mechanizer was introduced Rimworld Along with the DLC called Biotech.

Mechanitor in Rimworld

A mechanitor can be any character with a suitable implant. The biggest advantage of such a process is that the Mechanitor can control the Mechaniods, giving them orders to do basic work or fight, so it becomes easier to deal with dangers or develop your colony more efficiently.

How to become a mechanic?

How to Become a Mechanitor in Rimworld - Image #1

Ancient Exostrider in the Rimworld

To play as a mechanizer, there are several steps to follow.

  1. To begin, you need to find out Ancient exostrider And destroy its middle section to purchase Mechanoid Transponder.
  2. Then you should go with the item Research bench To decrypt it.
  3. After that you will be able to complete the task of crashing the ship on the planet. There you will find a corpse MechanizerIt is guarded by mechs.
  4. Defeat the mechs and take the item from the corpse Mechlink. Now you can implant it in yourself and thus become a mechanizer capable of controlling mechanoids.

Another possibility is to become a mechanist. Sometimes during the game you can see a quest that tells about it Ancient complex. While exploring it, you’ll find a mechanizer, and as a result, you’ll be able to get a mechlink that you can implant for yourself.

Finally, it should be noted that a deaf character cannot be a mechanizer.


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