How to beat Ligabu in Gungrave GORE

Gungrave GORE does not forget the basic rules of arcade games, one of which is: you must have a boss battle! If possible, that enemy should be a seemingly unkillable monster. Of course, all the bosses can be defeated; The question is how to do it. One such classic boss is Ligabu, a large lizard with ice and poisonous attacks. This is how to beat Ligabu in Gungrave GORE

How to kill the lizard boss in Stage 3 in Gungrave GORE

In order to kill the lizard boss in Stage 3 in Gungrave GORE, you need to learn more about his powers. Ligabu will use a combination of tongue and area of ​​effect special attacks. He will often try to slow you down with ice attacks and then charge at you. Avoid this by continuously keeping your distance while attacking in short bursts. Avoid using abilities that require you to stand still, as you can be an easy target.

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If your shield is low, run around the lizard in circles until it’s full again. Always keep your distance as that is the best way to avoid toxic breath and ice. Dodge often and don’t be greedy with attacks. Run and gun is the way to go here. With a little rinsing and repeated action, it will quickly kill Ligabu. If you think this lizard is hard to kill, wait for other bosses that are waiting for you in the later stages of the game.

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