How to beat Gym Leader Kofu in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Kofu is the leader of the Casscarafa gym and quite forgetful. To face him, the trainers will have to return his wallet in Porto Marinara as gymnastics proof. In battle, Kofu can be a nuisance, but there are plenty of tools in both games that can burn this gym down quickly.

How to beat the Aquatic Gym Leader in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Kofu’s team is basically made up of a couple of fast Water-types with a third to punish Grass-types that try to attack his Gym solo. Here’s a full breakdown of his team:

  • Veluzia level 29
  • Wugtrio level 29
  • Level 30 Crabominable

For this battle, Electric-types tend to do better than Grass-types. This is because Crabominable can not only hit Grass-types with a strong Slam, but Veluza knows Pluck, a Flying-type move. Electric Pokemon, on the other hand, don’t have much to worry about other than Wugtrio’s Mud Slap (which does barely any damage).

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Trainers should also have access to some strong Electric-types before taking on Kofu. Pawmi is a great early game encounter, and Wattrel and Tadbulb are pretty easy to find in the starting areas of South Province and West Province.

Another tip is to try and use some of the faster Electric-types against Crabominable. Regardless of the matchup type, any Pokemon that doesn’t resist can easily fall prey to a Terra-boosted Crabhammer from Crabominable. Fortunately, Crabominable has medium Speed, so it’s easy to attack first and damage it before it can start getting KOs.

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