Hideo Kojima working with Microsoft


Hideo Kojima certainly can’t complain about boredom. At the moment, the Japanese actor is working on at least two projects – the much-awaited Death Stranding 2 and a mysterious subject Based on the cloud and jointly developed with Microsoft.

Kojima recently gave an interview IGN (via Eurogamer), in which he touched on the topic of cooperation with an American company. It turns out that He was very happy with the collaboration because Microsoft was one of the few who understood that the project he was building required the right technology behind the scenes.. Interestingly, in the mind of the creator Other companies, seeing his plans, thought him crazy too.

“I’ve already been thinking about the project we’re working with Microsoft for five or six years. The project requires infrastructure that wasn’t needed before, so I’ve discussed and given presentations with a lot of big companies, But they really think I’m crazy. In the end Microsoft showed that they understood and now we are working together on the project, including on the technology front.” – Kojima revealed in an interview.

The creator also points out that he gets bored very easily, so video games are his favorite activity. The Japanese developer added that it wants to help the already rapid evolution of modern technology.

|I get bored easily. The reason I’ve been able to make games for 30 years is because new technologies are replacing old ones so quickly. The technology you use today may not be applicable tomorrow, and I’m interested in finding ways to take advantage of new developments. A wrong choice, of course, ends in failure. It’s like the space program,” added the Japanese.

At this time, very little is known about the aforementioned mysterious project. Speculation that this is a horror game overdose. A few weeks ago a gameplay leaked on the web showing the heroine moving through a dark corridor reminiscent of a laboratory. However, let’s not set ourselves up for the imminent release of this project.


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