Gun Fighting Simulator Codes (November 2022) – Free Upgrades!

Roblox is the crown jewel of user-created gaming and experiences, with titles like Weapon Fighting Simulator offering users the chance to master unique weapons, spells, and martial arts to rise to the top fighting position. Like other Roblox community titles, Weapon Fighting Simulator offers players codes that can power up their characters with a number of power-ups.

Do you want to get as many Spirit Stones as possible in WFS? So this is where our Roblox Gun fighting simulator codes item comes into play. Use the codes below to get boosts that you can use to get boosts in Spirit Stones, Luck, Damage, Qi, and Spells! All this allows you to quickly gain experience and resources to get to the top of the leaderboard.

To get a head start on WFS, check out these guides on how to level up fast in WFS, how to farm spells in Weapon Fighting Simulator, how to fuse weapons in WFS, how to get Thunderbolt in Weapon Fighting Simulator, and how to train your inner soul in WFS.

All Weapon Fighting Simulator Code List

Updated November 21, 2022

Added new gun fighting simulator code!

Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes (Working)

Here’s a look at all the Weapon Fighting Simulator job codes.

  • map27—Redeem for all boosts (New)
  • server boss—Redeem for all boosts
  • map26—Redeem for all boosts
  • candy3—Redeem for all boosts
  • candy2—Redeem for all boosts
  • Hallowe’en—Redeem for all boosts
  • Jack—Redeem for all boosts
  • sweet—Redeem for all boosts
  • map25—Redeem for all boosts
  • new pet—Redeem for a new pet egg
  • i like350—Redeem for all boosts
  • map24—Redeem for 30 minutes All Boosts
  • village—Redeem all power-ups for 1 hour
  • map23—Redeem for all boosts
  • hard court—Redeem for all boosts
  • map22—Redeem for all boosts
  • visits250m—Redeem for all boosts
  • new—Redeem for Boss Key and Boosts
  • map21—Redeem for a Qi Boost and various other Boosts
  • l325k—Redeem code for Luck Boost
  • Popsicle—Redeem code for Damage Boost
  • map20—Redeem for Boots
  • time trial—Redeem for power-ups
  • map19—Redeem for power-ups
  • skin—Redeem for power-ups
  • lk300k—Redeem for power-ups
  • map18—Redeem for power-ups
  • batoid—Redeem for power-ups
  • map17—Redeem for power-ups
  • i like275k—Redeem for power-ups
  • struggle—Redeem for power-ups
  • RAMPHhobbies—Redeem for power-ups
  • worry—Redeem for power-ups
  • Sub2RoboSlothGames—Redeem for power-ups
  • Coal—Redeem for power-ups
  • sister guard—Redeem for power-ups
  • Skull—Redeem for power-ups
  • funrix—Redeem for power-ups
  • kingkade—Redeem for power-ups
  • following code—Redeem for power-ups
  • jazongaming—Redeem for power-ups
  • wfs—Redeem for power-ups
  • hard mode—Redeem for power-ups
  • defending—Redeem for 2x Spirit and 2x Spell Drop Boost
  • Welcome—Redeem for 1 Spirit Stone Booster
  • gun fight—Redeem for 1 damage increase
  • happy day—Redeem for 1x Qi Boost
  • good luck—Redeem for 1x Lucky Boost

Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes (Expired)

The following Weapon Fighting Simulator codes are no longer active and will not work if entered.

  • banshies—Redeem for power-ups
  • map16—Redeem for power-ups
  • map15—Redeem for power-ups
  • sword—Redeem for power-ups
  • trade spar—Redeem for power-ups
  • spell—Redeem for power-ups
  • map14—Redeem for power-ups
  • like200K—Redeem for power-ups
  • i like_225K—Redeem for power-ups
  • map13—Redeem for power-ups
  • Easter—Redeem for free Boosts
  • map12—Redeem for power-ups
  • i like180k—Redeem for 2x Spirit and 2x Qi Boosts
  • map11—Redeem for 2x Spirit and 2x Luck Boosts
  • silver—Redeem for silver coins (Only accessible by reaching Map 3)
  • i like120k—Redeem for 2x Qi Boost and 2x Spirit Stone Boost
  • i like_140K—Redeem for free Boosts
  • wheel—Redeem for 2x Luck and 2x Qi Boosts
  • map10—Redeem for 2x Damage Boost and 2x Spell Drop Boost
  • jade—Redeem for 2x Spirit and 2x Qi Boost
  • lk160k—Redeem for 2x Spirit and 2x Qi Boost
  • compensation—Redeem for free Boosts
  • map9—Redeem for 2x Spirit Stone Boost and 2x Spell Drop Chance
  • tower—Redeem for free Boosts
  • map8—Redeem for free Boost
  • like100K—Redeem for 20 minutes 2x Qi Boost, 20 minutes 2x Spirit Stone Boost
  • i like it75k—Redeem for Spirit Stone Boost
  • trade—Redeem for a boost
  • love—Redeem for Qi Boost
  • like50000—Redeem for 20m Qi Boost
  • wfs—Redeem for 20m Qi Boost and 20m Spirit Stone Boost
  • i like30K—Redeem for Spell Drop Boost
  • i like20K— Redeem for 20m Spirit Stone Boost
  • i like10000—Redeem for 10m Luck Boost
  • i like5k—Redeem on impulse
  • lunar new year—Redeem for all boosts
  • world6—Redeem for Qi Boost and Attack Boost
  • achievement—Redeem for 10m Spell Drop Boost
  • generosity—Redeem for 20m Qi Boost
  • mount—Redeem for 10m Spell Drop Boost

Gun Fighting Simulator FAQ

Here are all FAQ about Weapon Fighting Simulator codes and Weapon Fighting Simulator!

How to Redeem Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes

to redeem gun fighting simulator codes for free rewards, start WFS and select the Settings Gear button on the left side of the screen. After pressing the button, a new window will appear. Enter each job code in the text box that appears after. Press Confirm to receive your free reward once you have entered the code in the redemption bar.

If the code is expired, a pop-up message will appear saying ‘This code is invalid’.

How can you get more Weapon Fighting Simulator codes?

The best method to get more WFS codes is to follow the developer of Weapon Fighting Simulator on Twitter @ldgstudiosor you can join the Lightning Dragon Study for additional power-ups, for the Spirit Stone, Spell Boost, and a Tai Chi Brush!

Why aren’t my Weapon Fighting Simulator codes working?

If your Weapon Fighting Simulator codes aren’t working, there are a few things you can try. Make sure you have typed or copied all the code correctly (this includes capitalization) if the code is not 100 percent correct it will not work.

If the code is correct, it is most likely expired, so bookmark this page and check back often for the latest codes for Anime Fighter Simulator.

What do the gun fighting simulator codes do?

Weapon Fighting Simulator codes offer various unique character upgrades. These boosts can improve drop rates, upgrade boosts for specific stats, and provide free upgrades for players by adding these codes to their accounts. The codes often rotate, which means you’ll have a limited amount of time to redeem a specific code before it’s removed from the selection.

What is gun fighting simulator?

In Weapon Fighting Simulator, your main goal is to collect Spirit Stones and then, using the game’s gacha system, unlock more weapons for you to wield at the same time. You can have four weapons equipped, which will cause you to deal more damage, giving you the ability to get more Spirit Stones faster. There are multiple rarities of weapons, and the better the rarity, the better the weapon. With the other weapons unequipped, you can fuse them with your best weapons to level them up and become more powerful.

At the same time, you also gain experience, learn spells to deal more damage, and level up your inner self. In addition to unlocking different areas, defeat bosses to progress!

What’s included in Weapon Fighting Simulator Update 26?

Here is everything included in Weapon Fighting Simulator Update 26:

  • Contents
    • New Banshie skins.
    • A new Friend Boost event has started that lasts until September 1st.
    • Bonus items are increased in the daily wheel.
    • A new VIP-exclusive flying mount perk.
    • A new Capybara Banshie skin can be obtained as an event reward.
  • Balance
    • Added hints and tips when selling, fusing shining and everlasting weapons.
    • Rounded up the Auto Fight spell loot.
    • Fixed damage display bug when Thunderbolt evolves.
    • Removed the mythical breeding ad.
    • The player name in the trade interface has been changed to username instead.
    • Error correction.

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