Guilty Gear Strive New Characters Guide: Sin Kiske Playstyle, Story & Lore

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After Bridget’s reveal, Guilty Gear fans have been speculating about who the next DLC character could be. The big reveal is finally here, and now fans should get ready for the ever-rising Wild Boy Sin Kiske to join one of the best fighting games of 2021. The new fans who joined the franchise with Strive may not know who they are dealing with. so find out what this blond boy is capable of.

Who is Sin Kiske in Guilty Gear Strive?

Sin is the son of the series’ recurring protagonist Ky Kiske and his loving wife Dizzy. Dizzy is a Gear, a living weapon with untold power. This means that Sin was born as a time bomb of unimaginable proportions. Since Ky is a mortal man, he couldn’t handle a child with that level of strength, so he gave his child to his longtime rival, Sol Badguy.

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That means Sin is the son of two of the most powerful characters in the franchise, raised and trained by another heavy hitter. Sin is an absolute powerhouse, but he’s also one of the most optimistic characters in the game. He wants nothing more than to have a good time, make friends and see what the world has to offer.

How is Sin Kiske’s play style in Guilty Gear?

Sin has only been in a few Guilty Gear games before Strive. He doesn’t have as much history behind him as his adoptive and biological parents, but he’s not a newcomer either. Sin was introduced in Guilty Gear 2 -Overture-, an action RPG instead of a fighting game. The first playable appearance of him in a proper fighting game was in 2014’s Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-. He appeared again in the sequel -Revelator- and Rev 2.

Sin is a fast running character with a wide variety of powerful attacks. He can put enormous pressure on his enemies with his specials, and his normals have incredible range. He lacks a projectile, so you have to be ready to get in your enemy’s face to win with Sin. He was considered B-tier in his previous appearances, but in the hands of a skilled player, he was an absolute nightmare to fight.

Sin will appear in Strive with most of his Rev 2 moveset intact. She keeps many of her best tools for midrange zoning and fast play. Interestingly, her eating mechanic has been revamped. In previous games, she needed to eat to regain stamina and use his most powerful tools. She can still eat, but it acts as a buff rather than a necessary resource.

Sin is a fantastic Guilty Gear character who will drastically shake up the meta when he enters Strive. Fans can get their hands on Sin Kiske when he hits the store on November 24.

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