GTA Online’s new event references Die Hard and The Grinch


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23 December 2022, 12:23

In GTA Online you can now get even more money, fame points and items thanks to the Christmas event. Don’t forget to pick up a free gift in the game.

The holiday season is the perfect time to take a break from your worries and spend some more time with your favorite game. If you enjoy cruising the streets of Los Santos in GTA Online, you’ll have even more reason to do so this Christmas. The winter program has started and will continue till December 29.

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music star Informed About the event, during this time we will be able to get a lot of currency, reputation points or cosmetic items. The game features snowmen that, when destroyed, give money and fame points. A total of 25 innocent people were found among themAnd after heroically defeating them all, the player is rewarded with a snowman outfit and GTA$125,000.

Interestingly, the creators also did not fail to suggest cult movies that are eagerly screened during the holiday season. In the game you can meet Gooch (hint The Grinch), who try to rob the player. However, if we can repel his attack, we will be rewarded with money and his mask.

GTA Online's new event references Die Hard and The Grinch - Image #1


Another reference is the Weasel Plaza Shootout, a A nod to the film Die Hard.

“The Christmas Eve partygoers at Weasel News are getting a little crazy this year. Look to the skies above Weasel Plaza to find the robbers locked in a shootout with an LSPD helicopter.”

If you get rid of the raider, you get the “Merry Christmas” designation for your gun, which can be applied to your weapon at any gunshop. During the event, you can also get additional accessories, including a candy cane. To collect them, all you need to do is log into the game.

Among the benefits offered by the event, it is worth mentioning twice as much GTA$ for completing acid selling missions, three times as much GTA$ and reputation points for completing Beasts vs. Torturers mode, or twice as much GTA$ and reputation points. For racing.

More information about the festival event can be found here Here.


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