Graveyard Keeper – Multiplayer and co-op explained


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28 December 2022, 14:36

This article covers the multiplayer and co-op modes in Graveyard Keeper.

Have you ever dreamed of managing a cemetery? If so, you should definitely consider playing Graveyard Keeper. It is a game where you take care of your graveyard and there are many other activities as well. However, many are wondering if this game has a multiplayer or co-op mode. In this article, we will talk about playing together.

If you want to know more about the game read our guide: Graveyard.

Graveyard Keeper: Co-Op and Multiplayer Explained

Graveyard Keeper is a single player game. As of now, it has no co-op or multiplayer mode. From an old developers post steam Forum, we can learn This is not a priority for creators. Many players stated that the game was designed with one person in mind and that it was difficult to adapt the gameplay for multiplayer.

Although there is already a modding community, there seems to be one for now There is no mode that allows multiplayer gameplay. Seeing as how long it has been since the release of Graveyard, it seems that such a fan project may not come anymore.

Games similar to Graveyard Keeper with multiplayer mode

Unfortunately Graveyard Keeper cannot be played in multiplayer mode Alternatives should be explored. One game that can be recommended is Stardew Valley. This title enables you to manage your own farm. It is rich in content and provides hours of entertainment.

My time at Sandrok is also worth noting. In this game, you play the role of a builder who usually indulges in growing crops. This product is currently in early access. However, developers are already there test Multiplayer capabilities of the game.

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