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30 December 2022, 11:57

In this guide, we’ll talk about how you can move buildings and rotate objects in Graveyard Keeper. These steps are tricky.

Graveyard Keeper is a game about managing a graveyard. However, you have to do a lot of different things in the process. For this, you need different workstations. These are placed in very confined spaces, so you need to think carefully about where and where to place the structure. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about how to move buildings and rotate objects.

If you want to know more about the game read our guide: Graveyard.

Graveyard Keeper: Move buildings

In Graveyard Keeper you can build many different workstations to help you with your daily tasks. However, they have limited space. Therefore, you should arrange them carefully. Sometimes, you can’t imagine something or have to build different things. Then a problem arises.

Unfortunately, Buildings cannot be moved in game. If you put a workstation, it should be there, Unless you decide Knock it down. In that case, approach the stand with a blueprint. It’s in every buildable location (you need it to build them all). From the list of things available to create, select Remove at the very bottom and then tap the building you want to remove. Now all you have to do is contact it and get to work.

It is noteworthy that the already completed building was destroyed Returns only a fraction of the raw materials For you – about half, so you should expect a loss. However, if the construction is still not complete, you will receive a full refund.

Graveyard Keeper: Rotate objects

Building in Graveyard Keeper can cause occasional problems. In addition to moving things, sometimes you want to Turn them over. You can do this with the R key. Of course, you can only do this when placing the structure. However, there is a “but”. Not all buildings can be rotated. So if R doesn’t work, you’re forced to settle with the original setup.


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