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28 December 2022, 10:11

In Graveyard Keeper you will sometimes have to exhume bodies in order to keep a nice graveyard. In this article, we will tell you how to do this.

Graveyard Keeper is a game in which you can take care of many duties. However, managing the graveyard and the corpses is one of the most important issues. One of your tasks is to maintain a nice cemetery. To do this, you will sometimes have to exhume corpses if they reduce the quality of the graveyard.

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Graveyard Keeper: Exhumation Permission

The first thing you need to take care of if you want to exhume is a permit. The item you need is called an Exhumation Permission. To be able to buy it, you must have access to a church and be able to celebrate mass. You will get all this as part of your missions.

Once you’ve progressed the storyline, you’ll gain access to the Royal services – it’s a box in front of the church. It will allow you to purchase a permit for 1 silver coin and 75 copper coins. The permit is a single-use. This means that it will only be valid for 1 grave.

Graveyard Keeper: How to exhume

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With permit, go to the grave that holds the body you want to get rid of. Then interact with the grave and remove all the “decorations” – the cross and the fence. Once you have done this, then press the red Exhume button on the left. Then dig with the shovel (F button), the body will be pulled out of the grave and the space will be freed.

Graveyard Keeper: Why exhume a corpse.

The exhumation of corpses has primarily to do with the fact that your task is to maintain the quality of the graveyard. The high standard of the cemetery will ensure that you receive more gold at the weekly masses. A nicely decorated burial ground is therefore advisable. However, some bodies negatively affect the appearance of the graveyard (even from underground). This is represented by the red skulls. It is therefore worth getting rid of them.

You can also swap bodies for better ones – with more white skulls. These symbolise the maximum quality a grave can have. It is therefore worthwhile to have bodies of the highest possible quality.

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