Genshin Impact – Layla Constellations Value Guide

Layla is a support character who focuses on protecting her allies from damage. However, her kit is interesting because she plays similar to how a sub-DPS would. Her constellations also play in this company, so if you value knowing a little about them, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about Layla’s overall Constellsations value.

Layla Constellations Value

Layla’s constellations focus on boosting her shields and giving herself extra damage from her shield’s offensive effects.

  • fortress of fantasy – His C1 provides stronger shields for his allies without additional investment. There is not much more to say about it. It’s nice to have, but it’s far from worth it even as a C1.
  • remission of light – This constellation looks nice, but the reality is that it is not worth getting. The problem here is that Layla’s burst already has an extremely low energy cost at 40, which means the extra energy gained from her C2 is practically unnecessary, especially if you’re already running a second cryogenic character.
  • secrets of the night – Pretty straight forward: Increases the strength and HP scaling of your elemental skill shields. Considering his shields are already pretty strong out of the box, this C3 is more of an added bonus than worth it.

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  • starry lighting – This constellation is fine. It’s nothing special, and while it might sound incredible for characters that rely on normal or charged attacks, understand that in most cases, the amount of damage you get with this C4 will be somewhere between 1000 and 2000. However, the damage additional is additional damage. Is it worth investing to get it? Doubtful at best.
  • stream of consciousness – A disposable constellation that provides a minor benefit. Nothing is worth investing in.
  • Radiant Soul Fire – This C6 allows Layla to become a reasonable sub DPS along with its excellent protection and cryogenic functions. The damage boost this provides is significant enough to be considered. Would we say it’s worth the investment to get your C6? Well, that depends on whether you’re willing to be at the mercy of Gacha. She’s a 4* so you’re never guaranteed to get her rolling, which makes investment costs range from minor to huge, just to get to this constellation.

What are the best Layla Constellations?

Layla’s C6 is easily the best. The other constellations of her are not… surprising. They don’t provide enough of anything to make a real difference in the long run. For one thing, it’s quite F2P friendly for this reason. On the other hand, getting your C6 requires pure luck. If you get it, you’ll see a big buff to her personal damage, but remember that damage isn’t her primary function anyway. Still, your C6 is the one worth getting.

Should I roll for Layla’s Constellations?

Honestly no. We don’t think Layla’s Constellations are worth investing in. She is perfectly useful in C0. The value of it comes from its protection and cryogenic application, which has a lot without its constellations. Save your primogems for a future character.

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What is Layla’s best weapon?

Since Layla is a 4*, she doesn’t have a signature weapon. However, her best weapon is in fact Nilou’s. Khaj-Nisut Key. This is because all of her kit blends perfectly with the weapon mechanics and provides massive amounts of HP, which enhances everything about Layla. Is it worth giving Layla Key from Kkaj-Nisut? Well, the chances of you pulling out Nilou’s signature weapon without Nilou herself are low, but if you did, it’s completely it is worth giving the gun. No other weapon compares to Layla’s key.

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