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02 January 2023, 17:29

In this article we will talk about how wagons work in Farthest Frontier. It’s not very simple mechanics.

Farthest Frontier is a city builder that has won the hearts of fans. Thousands of people play this title every day. The game is still being developed, but it can already provide dozens of hours of entertainment. However, the title is sometimes not fully understood. One of the mechanics that players have problems with is the wagon shop. In this article we present how it works.

What is the Wagon Shop at the Farthest Frontier?

The Wagon Shop is a building you can build when you upgrade your town center to tier two. This building is necessary for the construction of mines. For this reason, therefore, That is very important. It is ideally suited for transferring raw materials between your settlement and remote work points.

How the Wagon Shop in Farthest Frontier Works

Cart shop Works automatically – It sends wagons when required. They travel to mines and work camps. However, you should remember one thing – this is not a workshop that produces wagons all the time. Maximum 2 people can work in this building. Each of them can build 1 wagon, they ride. This means that Each building has two vehicles.

So it’s worth checking out the wagon shop to see if the doors are open. If they are there, there is no need to build another building because it is not related to the cart. However, if they are constantly closed, it is worth considering that the workers are in the field and put another workshop.

Remember that the game is in early access And the mechanics of wagon shops can change over time. Presumably, at one time this building could produce storage carts. These were wagons that served as storage at the beginning of the settlement. Currently, this opportunity is blocked. But in time it will return or the wagon shop will gain new functionality.

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